Digital Analytics

Over half the websites we review have implementation issues with Google Analytics, which means bad data and poor decision making. Are you sure that you are getting actionable and accurate data from Google Analytics?

We can help to ensure that the data from your website is robust and correct - and that it provides you with the right information to make important business decisions.

Our team have years of Google Analytics experience, and take a thorough, methodical and best practice approach to configuring your web analytics account.

Our Digital Analytics Process

Setup & Implementation

Whether you have Google Analytics setup on your website and don’t trust the data, or you’re starting from square one and need full implementation support, we are here to help. We’ll also integrate your GA account with all other relevant data sources and tracking technology.

Auditing & Quality Assurance

We will audit your account to find out whether your platform really can give you reliable data to form insights. If it’s not, we’ll suggest the tweaks and changes that need to be made so that you’re seeing water-tight data in order to make important decisions.

Goals & KPI Tracking

We will work with you to understand your business objectives so we can identify appropriate KPIs to track and measure success. Using goal tracking to follow the user’s journey gives insight into where optimisation is best focused.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Through collecting data, implementing testing and suggesting changes, we will gather data to identify opportunities for website improvements in order to optimise conversions; this means we help you drive more revenue by turning more of your website visitors into customers.

Measurement & Attribution

You need to be able to understand exactly how your marketing channels are working together and how each of these is contributing to conversion. We’ll analyse different attribution models to help you understand the different relationships so you can plan your budgets more effectively.

Reporting & Benchmarking

We work with you to design KPI focused reports that are meaningful in the context of your business objectives, so they give a clear picture of how digital activity is contributing to business and where you are tracking against initially set benchmarks.

Training & Consultancy

We offer bespoke training and workshops to train your team according to their current experience and the knowledge level they would like to get to. With an ever-changing platform, it’s important you and your team are always up to speed, so why not give us a call to find out more about how we can help.