Programmatic Display

Programmatic display combines big data and the latest technology with traditional digital display advertising. It lets our team target, and then re-target, your customers on any device, based on their interests, their behaviour, their location and their demographics.

We can target them wherever they are. And re-target them to remind them that you’re still there. For us, Display is no longer just about branding. With the sophisticated attribution tools that our team uses, we can prove effectiveness in delivering acquisition, ROI and engagement with your brand.

Our Programmatic Process

Network Selection 

The most important part of planning any programmatic activity is selecting a network that offers support and can meet your objectives. At DBD we keep the process simple and ensure the networks we use are fully transparent. We offer solutions for smaller budgets which means we can run programmatic campaigns without a minimum spend.

Strategy & Planning 

Working from your KPIs we will craft a bespoke programmatic activity strategy, working closely with your preferred network to ensure that your approach is going in the right direction, whether it's a basic check, proactive prospecting, retargeting or a mix.

Ad Creation 

As a digital agency we do not carry out the creative design for your display ads however, if you do not have the internal resources to do this there are several options we have to create the ads. Most networks we work with offer this as an additional service and we work with a number of design agencies we can outsource the work to.


Once the ad creatives have been implemented we add value through optimisation. As with any paid media, campaigns don’t dimply run themselves. We analyse ad performance based on which websites your ads appear, who’s seeing your ads, they geographical reach of your ads and much more.

User Analysis 

Our programmatic networks are pretty smart. The user data we capture is quite granular and allows us to so some very clever targeting. Through the course of a campaign we’re able to get valuable insights on users’ demographics data. This data can then be used to further optimise your campaigns and focus your budget on what really works for your brand.


Reporting is transparent and emphasises where and how we have met your deliverables. We don’t believe that reporting for programmatic should be done in isolation, therefore we analyse data coherently with all other search activity to assess how programmatic is contributing to your overall marketing mix.