Influencer Marketing

Connecting with your audience through the power of bloggers and influencers

Influencer Marketing

Bloggers and influencers matter: they are listened to, and your audience is already engaged with them. We devise highly tailored Outreach, Influencer Marketing and Digital PR programmes that really engage with bloggers, influencers and journalists – and drive brand awareness, loyalty and visibility. Our team curate and produce compelling and sharable content which helps create a loyal and engaged audience, one with a high propensity to feature you, recommend you and even buy from you.

Through the The Bloggers’ Lounge our proprietary and award-winning community of over 5,000 bloggers, influencers and journalists, we have built trusted outreach relationships that offer you unrivalled connections to support your campaigns – from product promotion or endorsement, to fund-raising, events, competitions, and ambassador programmes.

Our parent company VERB Brands is also an influencer marketing agency that works with luxury brands.

Our Influencer Marketing process


A successful strategy needs to start with you. Your businesses goals must be clear and established before any outreach strategies are developed. Getting to know you and your industry’s top influencers, is our priority before any projects are launched.

Influencer discovery and audience research

Any influencer marketing strategy should be aimed at your customers, and those who influence and advise your customers. We use a range of data-led and personal face-to-face techniques to get to know those who really care about your business. No outreach strategy should be led by links alone; we want to get your brand in front of the people that matter, whilst reaping the benefits of a strong link-profile.

Competitive Analysis

We look at your competitors in order to provide actionable insights into how competitors are engaging influencers and customers online, as well as looking for potential gaps in the market.

The Ideation Process

We run creative brainstorming sessions, inspired by your brand to develop innovative and industry leading campaigns which embody your brand values.


Using the insights from our detailed set-up process, we develop a completely unique strategy designed to excite, intrigue and encourage participation. Our team of copywriters, influencer outreach experts and SEO champions collaborate to create a strategy that will hit your KPIs.

Outreach and Promotion

We are constantly building relationships with influencers, bloggers and journalists to make sure your content is shared and amplified across the most relevant channels. As part of our influencer offering, we created our Bloggers’ Lounge platform that connects brands with the right influencers. We develop and run outreach strategies which focus on quality, longevity and forging invaluable industry relationships.


Robust measurement is essential, each of our strategies is designed to reward your brand with long term and truly valuable results in line with your KPIs.

The Bloggers' Lounge

We launched the Bloggers’ Lounge in 2013 to help us develop relationships with bloggers and influencers, and to help them get the most out of their blogs and social networks. The Bloggers’ Lounge focuses on helping bloggers of all levels to develop their following and collaborate with brands. We provide our community of bloggers with insights, tips, tricks and inspiration across a range of topics including SEO, social media marketing, PR, website design and branding. In 2014 the Bloggers’ Lounge won the UK Blog Awards’ Best PR and Business Communications Blog.

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