instagram advertising


six in ten online adults now have an Instagram account

Are you looking to engage with over 700 million targeted users on the most popular visual social network on the planet? Or just target a really specific niche?

Here at DBD, our performance marketing team use the power of machine learning and data, combined with the massive Instagram and Facebook audiences, to target messages and ads at truly relevant audiences.

Whether you want to launch a new product, get in front of a competitor’s following or drive traffic to your website, we can make it happen for you. Instagram video or photo ads are a seamless extension to your existing social strategy, proven to reach highly targeted audiences based on location, interests, demographics, behaviours and lookalike criteria.

Instagram’s audience is now larger than Twitter’s, and the network is rapidly becoming a must have on any social media marketing plan. 28% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 now use Instagram, making it the ideal platform for targeting a younger audience straight from their mobile phones.

how do we do it?

Instagram image ads Tell a story representing your brand through a clean and simple image.

Instagram video ads Give the user the same visually immersive quality as the image ads, with the extra power of sight, motion and sound. You have the ability to share up to 60 seconds of video footage in either square or landscape format.  

Instagram carousel ads Add another layer of depth to your campaigns, by using additional photos or videos in the same advert. These can be viewed by simply swiping across to view.  

Instagram stories ads Complement your feed content with adverts on Instagram Stories. You can connect with the over 200 million people using Stories daily.

Audience Measurement

Prior to launching an Instagram campaign, we conduct extensive research to really understand the audience you wish to reach.


A great Instagram campaign requires a great plan. We take the time to carefully create a strategy tailored to you and your goals.


Instagram gives us a significant amount of data to use for forecasting. We have the ability to view audience data on a very precise level which enables us to give you a good projection of what can be achieved with your budget.

Ad Creation

What better place to get creative than the most visual social media platform on the globe? We will work closely with you to develop creative concepts for your Instagram ads.

Monitoring & Optimisation

Instagram advertising is very responsive and therefore requires consistent monitoring and reactiveness. With the content being consumed significantly quicker than on other channels, it’s imperative that optimisation is carried out and implemented as soon as we see a change in engagement.


Here at DBD, we have extensive experience in integrating your CRM with social remarketing. Combining your internal CRM with social remarketing is an effective way to re-engage with new users but also include your existing customer base.


The Facebook tracking pixel enables us to gain full insights across all channels and understand how users interact with your brand throughout the engagement process.


Our method of reporting is transparent and will highlight where and how the campaign has met your targets. We analyse campaign data to develop insights, and to understand where to pull back and where to push hard to maximise the opportunity to meet your objectives.