Maximise conversions with Desktop Price Extensions

08 June 2017

Price extensions, formerly known as table extensions, are a means by which advertisers can highlight specific products, with their corresponding prices, in the text of an advert and provide a direct link to the highlighted item. They started life as a mobile-only feature, but are now available on the desktop too.

That being so, you may want to start incorporating the feature into your advertising.

The thinking behind price extensions

There are essentially two parts to achieving a sale. One is to motivate the customer to want to buy one of your products or services and the other is to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Price extensions may or may not help with the first part (depending on whether or not you’re competing on price), but they can certainly assist with the second part. Speed is everything in the modern world of ecommerce and, even if you have the best-designed website in the world, taking the customer directly to what they want is always going to be quicker than making them go via an intermediary page, such as a home page.

Increase speed (and conversions) with precision targeting

Price extensions can be added to accounts, campaigns and/or ad groups depending on your needs and wants. You can even determine which dates, days of the week or times your price extensions will be shown. This is in addition to the ability to partner up price extensions with relevant keywords.

Putting this all together, price extensions offer a huge degree of flexibility to tailor advertising to your target group(s) and hence increase the likelihood of conversion.

Update your extensions quickly and easily

To be fair to Google, they do tend to practice what they preach and since they place great emphasis on websites being quick and easy to use, they’ve made sure price extensions can be updated pretty much effortlessly. Hence, if part of your business model includes making use of time-limited offers such as flash sales, price extensions could be a great way to get that message across. Another bonus is that simply editing an existing price extension leaves its performance statistics untouched, so you get better insight into your performance.

Pricing is on a par with standard ad clicks

You’ll be charged the same price, regardless of where the user clicks in the advert. This is really great news for advertisers because the nature of price extensions makes it much easier to encourage customers to click on them. To begin with, they have an element of interactivity in that users can swipe/scroll through them, similarly to flicking through a magazine or catalogue. Secondly, they encourage users to act immediately. They can see what they want, see exactly how much it costs and go straight to it. This reduces the time they have to get lost, confused, distracted or just change their minds. Assuming you’ve made sure your checkout process is as easy as it can possibly be, you could be speeding through sales like never before by implementing this tool.