Top 5 questions to answer before launching your PPC campaign

18 April 2016

Pay-per-click advertising campaigns require good planning and a well-thought-out strategy if they are to be as successful as possible. It’s easy to throw money at a campaign and see what sticks but, with a bit of work in advance, you can avoid some of the wasted investment and go straight to what is likely to be both effective and cost effective.

Whether you are doing PPC for your own business or carrying out promotions for others, ask yourself the following questions before committing your money to a campaign:

What are your objectives or KPIs?

What do you want to get out of this particular PPC campaign? It must be designed around a specific objective or a set of KPIs, as this will help you to determine the types of calls to action to use, the keywords you should bid on, the audiences you should target, and so on. Are the suitable keywords generic or very specific to your product? Who do you want to attract with your advertising? What is the ultimate goal of the campaign?

Who is your target audience?

Having a clear picture in your mind of the audience you want to target is absolutely vital if you are to see success with your PPC campaign.

Consider their:

  • - Age
  • - Location
  • - Gender
  • - Online social behaviour
  • - Devices used
  • - Preferences and interests.

Then, create your ads accordingly. PPC ads that are marketing a luxury product will need a different tone of voice, call to action and imagery compared to those promoting minor purchases, and ads targeted at millennials should look considerably different to those targeting retired people.

If you don’t know who your audience is to start with, you will struggle to pitch the ads correctly.

How will you distribute your budget?

Spreading a PPC budget evenly across a period of time is sometimes appropriate. However, if you sell seasonal products or items that rely on trends, researching the periods in the year when conversions are at their peak can be a worthwhile venture. With this information, you will be able to weight your budget towards the times you are likely to make the most sales and make the most of your PPC spend.

Can I track the full user journey and measure result?

Do you understand where the site visitors who make a purchase come from? Do you know which social channel your most lucrative traffic originates from? Do you know if your PPC clicks are from people who are brand new to your business, or if they have visited your site organically in the past?

Understanding this data and tracking everything will give you better insights into which channels are converting best and how PPC plays a role in this journey. This understanding will enable you to focus your efforts on what is working most effectively.

Have you carried out any forecasting?

It pays to do some form of calculations to try and predict the success of your PPC campaign. If costs per click on your sector are extremely high and you have a low budget, it can be worthwhile to explore other alternatives where you can get lower costs per click. Check different platforms, targeting criteria and timings, for instance.