IgnitionOne: a new approach to conversion optimisation?

05 April 2012

Founded in 2004, IgnitionOne (formely SearchIgnite) is a global leader in digital marketing solutions enabling companies to integrate cross-channel marketing efforts within one platform, thus allowing deeper insights and greater online success.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend IgnitionOne’s webinar presenting their Digital Marketing Suite's newest feature: Engagement Optimisation.

Relying on last-click attribution has been long accepted as one of the common pitfalls of conversion optimisation. Every marketer should have heard of A.I.D.A. It’s in every business class, textbook, manual, and is the number one sales best practice. But when it comes to investing real money, best practices fly out the window. Let's review the process:

- Awareness: a user clicks on an ad for your website

- Interest: they browse through your website

- Desire & Decision: they later come back to your website via a search engine

- Action: they make a purchase

→ The conversion is attributed to organic traffic (search engine) when really it would never have happened without the ad.

Some tools such as DoubleClick, CoreMetrics or Omniture already provide multi-channel attribution which shows how different channels work together to generate a conversion. But IgnitionOne’s nifty little device does much more.

By tracking traffic sources and measuring the level of activity that leads users to conversion, the platform now draws a profile for each specific visitor based on keywords and Facebook activity. Instead of using one single metric, or a selection of metrics to determine a user’s propensity to convert, IgnitionOne uses a combination of metrics and cross-channel attribution to allocate an “engagement score” to each user profile.

As a conversion rate optimiser, can you imagine being able to determine after exactly how many visits from what source of traffic and how long on the website which user interested in what product will be most inclined to click on that big CTA you have designed especially for them?

And on top of that, it looks really cool!

I therefore encourage online marketers to get their geek on and try out this new tool which has the potential to reinvent CRO!