Facebook Home

05 April 2013

Yesterday the social media giant launched something rather significant. Facebook Home is a new Android Phone experience that puts the social network first and everything else on mobile second. There has been no mention of this being made available for other mobile operating systems, such as Apple iOS or Windows, but this has to be a future consideration.

The core features

Cover Feed – a rich newsfeed of Facebook content as soon as you switch on your phone

Notifications – big and bold Facebook notifications right from your phone home screen

App Launcher – a feature that shows you your most popular apps

Chat Heads – a feature to chat to your Facebook friends right from the get go

What does this mean?

Facebook has over 1 billion global users and Android’s mobile market share is over 50%. Facebook Home being well received will essentially mean significant audience growth for the social network. Facebook is going after everyone.

For marketers this obviously means greater influence potential through Facebook. There will be unique advertising opportunities on the Cover Feed and developers will be able to do many an interesting thing. Facebook Page owners will also need to consider their mobile content strategy if they haven’t already done so.

This launch also raises an interesting debate about data. Facebook will be present wherever you are, it will know what you are doing, where you are and whom you chat to at those moments. Better targeting? You betcha. Another privacy storm is already opening up.

We are yet to see if users will respond well and value Facebook Home but it’s certainly innovative. Does Facebook deserve to be at the centre of everyone’s lives? We are about to find out.

Facebook Home launches on 12th April.