3 Ways To Improve Your PPC With RLSA’s

13 November 2013

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads were introduced by Google earlier this year enabling us to use remarketing targeting options on search campaigns. Provided you already have the remarketing pixel implemented across your whole site, multiple audience options for PPC ads now await you...remarketing just got even smarter. Here’s our top three ways to take advantage-

1. Exclude existing customers from lead gen campaigns –

If you run campaigns for any business where the desired conversion is an enquiry, having existing customers click on your PPC ads is not beneficial. Unlike retail brands where you have the chance of repeat custom, with some businesses once someone is already signed up there is no further conversion required. You may however still find that despite this existing customers will reach your website by searching on a brand term and clicking on your ad. Before now there has been little you can do to prevent this and you will have ended up paying for traffic from people who are already customers. With RLSA you can now apply an audience which goes someway to eliminate this wasted spend. By excluding the audiences who have either already completed a conversion or previously been to a page on your site that would imply they are an existing customer, a log in only zone for example, from your search campaigns you should be able to eliminate wasted spend and as a result reduce CPAs.

2. Increase bids for customers who have previously purchased –

For retail clients who face stiff competition online, retaining customers is key. Creating a specific PPC campaign which targets customers who have previously purchased from your site gives you the option of bidding higher for these potentially more valuable users. People who are familiar with your brand, and happy with your service, will be more likely to buy from you again. Won’t they just come back to you anyway, you may ask. Unfortunately this is not always the case. They might be searching for a specific product and not mind where it is from; you may also have extended your offering without them being aware. It is important to stay top of their mind when they are searching as other brands may be bidding and steal your customer from under your nose.

3. Increase generic bids for users who have visited your site but not converted –

Similar to our previous point but this time you are targeting people that are familiar with your brand, e.g. they have been to your site, but have not converted. This is a popular targeting option with traditional remarketing and is just as useful for RLSA. Again it gives you the option to set up separate campaigns and bid up for those people searching on your keywords who have previously been to your site. It serves as a reminder of your brand and a chance to bring them back to your site. This is also useful if the CPC’s in your sector are high, you might not be able to bid on many generics normally or may not be able to afford good positions, you might however decide to bid higher on those generic keywords when they are combined with the power of the remarketing lists.

Have you been experimenting with RLSA’s? Let us know how performance has been and if you have any further uses to add to our list.