Contacting Bloggers: A Guide for Small to Medium Fashion Brands

30 June 2014

Working with bloggers relevant to your industry is an invaluable use of your time- particularly for small to medium businesses looking for relevant coverage. When done properly, collaborating with online influencers that align with your brand values can propel your business into the lime light. Fashion bloggers are particularly keen to partner with brands they love, and it’s never been easier to find people so willing to talk about your brand, not only across social media but on their own blogs too. But how do you make sure you’re getting the right coverage, from the right people? Working with bloggers isn’t necessarily a case of putting out feelers and picking up whatever comes back to you. As with any type of marketing, your blogger outreach strategy should be targeted, relevant and goal-lead. Here are a few pointers to think about if you’re looking into working with bloggers.

Be Clear About Your Aims

What exactly is it you’re looking to get out of the coverage you hope to gain? Is social growth a priority for you or is it the metrics and relevance of the bloggers’ website you value most? It can be easy to get carried away if you see a blogger with a social following climbing into the thousands- but if you’re looking to work with bloggers as part of a content marketing strategy it’s their website that should be your first port of call.

Work out exactly what it is you hope to gain as without clear aims, deciding who you want to work with and how will be tricky resulting in a disorganised campaign.

Flexibility is Key

Remember you’re working with people, not business partners. Many of these bloggers will have spent years building up their reputation and following- no one will know what’s best for their readership but them. If you suggest an idea that doesn’t appeal to a blogger, ask them what does work for them. If their aims don’t stray too far from your aims then work collaboratively, and the results will be far more rewarding for both parties. Not only that but building long lasting relationships with bloggers in your field will help you build an invaluable contact list- particularly useful if you ever want to run a brand event!

Work on Creative and Exciting Ideas

Your blogger outreach campaign will only be as successful and exciting as your ideas are. The more creative you can be, the more your campaign will get shared and mentioned. This is where working with the bloggers to come up with ideas can work incredibly well. Ask them about the campaigns they’ve most enjoyed working on, and where their greatest successes have been.

Every single brand has something unique about them- play on what it is that makes you stand out and try to excite people as well as meeting your core aims.