Free Tools for Local SEO Success

08 July 2014

Businesses with brick-and-mortar premises can benefit considerably from investing some time and energy into capturing local search engine attention. In our Guide to Local SEO, we detailed on-site and off-site tips to gain maximum benefit from local searches, so now we want to recommend some tools and services that can be really helpful in getting the most out of your local SEO efforts. What’s more, they’re all free!

Whitespark Review Handout Generator

Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to get the happy customers in your store or on your premises to write an online review that could boost your local SEO? The Whitespark Review Handout Generator is a simple but ingenious tool that, after you provide some basic information, generates a printable page that you can give to those customers who don’t usually visit you online.

Free Local Analysis Google Places Tool

You need to ensure that your Google Places listing is well optimised so that it can perform effectively. The Free Local Analysis Google Places Tool allows businesses to view any areas their listing may be lacking, and provides pointers on how to improve it. It even takes things one step further by allowing you to compare your listing with your local competitors’ and offering tips on how to boost your search engine position.

Google Places for Business Category Tool

When setting up your Google Places for Business profile, selecting the correct category is vital if your company is going to be easy to find. Mike Blumenthal has created a free Google Places for Business Category Tool: you enter a keyword about your business, and then you are presented with a selection of potentially relevant categories to choose from.

It is easy to use and it can be invaluable for identifying the right placement for your business listing.

Local SEO Checklist

Sometimes the simplest tools are the most effective, and the Local SEO Checklist would probably fall into that category. It is a list of actions that a business should take to fully optimise their local SEO presence. Each task can be checked off the list as it is completed, and a green bar moves along the base of the screen to show how much progress has been made.

Google Gadgets Driving Directions Widget for your Webpage

Google offers this free tool so that website owners can provide customers with the ability to search for directions to a brick-and-mortar business from within their site. To embed driving directions into the Google Map on a website, users simply input basic information to customise how the search box will appear. The tool then provides code, and this is added to the company’s website.