5 Ingenious and Free SEO Tools to Get Your Site Optimised

29 August 2014

Planning and implementing an SEO strategy for a business can be a complex matter. Once a plan has been established, then measuring and analysing results - in order to then improve on them – is another essential factor for success. With all of this in mind, the use of specialised tools can be of considerable help to search engine optimisers, and there are a wide range of free options available online.

Quick and easy keyword suggestions with KeywordTool.io

Enter any keyword into this keyword tool, choose which country’s Google results you want to see, and search. It will display hundreds of keyword phrases that you can use to inform your content production and website copy.

You can also copy the results to your clipboard in a single click, for ease of reference.

Detect dead links with this ‘Find Broken Links’ tool

It is incredibly annoying to be browsing a website and, when you click a link to some interesting-looking content, you are instead directed to a 404 error or dead website. This tool searches your website to find any broken links, both internal and external, so you can update links for pages that have moved, and delete others that are no longer available.

The results of the analysis can then be downloaded as Excel or HTML files.

Find out who’s linked to your website with OpenLinkProfiler

OpenLinkProfiler finds the most recent backlinks to your website, enabling you to track who is showing an interest in promoting your products or services, as well as identify if you are getting any bad press or reviews that could damage your reputation.

Detailed results are displayed, including information about the referring URL, the anchor text and the target URL, as well as the linking websites’ industries and the date the link was added.

Analyse your site and compare with competitors with QuickSprout

QuickSprout allows users to enter up to four URLs to be processed. A series of relevant metrics are compared, providing ideas and suggestions to improve a website.

Sites can also be analysed individually, and recommendations are made to improve SEO, social media, speed and more.

Were you hit by Google Panda or Penguin updates? Find out with Website Penalty Indicator

Website Penalty Checker is a free tool that puts your organic traffic numbers into a graph and superimposes the dates of significant Panda and Penguin updates. As you can see here, eBay’s traffic was already going down before May’s Panda update (indicated by the second vertical red line), but the decline continued for some time afterwards.