Maintenance Tips for Your Wordpress Website

25 February 2015

Almost 75 million websites use Wordpress as their content management system (CMS) and there are 29,000 plugins available for Wordpress users to enhance and customise their sites.

To keep your Wordpress site running smoothly, there are certain essential activities that should be undertaken regularly. By taking action in this way, you improve the security of your site, keep on Google’s good side, and avoid awkward errors that impact on user-friendliness.

Here are our top five tips for keeping your Wordpress site running smoothly.

  1. Back it up

Regular back-ups of your website are essential so that, in a worst-case scenario such as hacking or massive data loss, you can rebuild an up-to-date version of your site quickly and efficiently without losing all your hard work.

There are plugins available that are designed to automate this backing up, and these include:

2. Update Wordpress

Wordpress regularly releases new updates to its CMS to improve usability and to protect against new threats from hackers and vulnerabilities.

Whenever there is a new version of Wordpress available, notifications appear and it is easily updated in a few clicks. Always ensure everything is fully backed up before conducting the update.

3. Update themes and plugins

Some hacking attacks take place by compromising a Wordpress plugin and, then, all sites that use that plugin become vulnerable. This is why it is important to regularly check for updates to your plugins and make sure you use the simple interface to update these and your website themes.

4. Make use of Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service that shows you how Google sees your website. It will help you to quickly identify any problems that the Google spiders have when they crawl the site, as well as questionable links and other website problems.

5. Check for broken and dead links

It is frustrating for website visitors to click on a link on your site, only to find that it leads to a 404 error or a non-existent site.

The Online Broken Link Checker will scan any website and inform you of any links on your site that lead nowhere. If you want to automate this task, rather than do it manually when you think about it, try a plugin like the Broken Linker Checker plugin, which will monitor your posts and pages and inform you of any broken links as it finds them.

When a broken link is found, firstly look to see whether it is a simple typo and, if so, you can correct this quickly. If, on the other hand, the link is pointing to a resource that no longer exists, try to find a new alternative to link to instead.