Solar Eclipse 2015: The Best Social Media Responses

24 March 2015

Last Friday we saw a solar eclipse in the UK, something that we won’t see for another 75 years in this country. The eclipse was the perfect platform for brands to showcase their creativity and social talents, and many brands stepped up to the mark to keep people updated, educated, and entertained throughout the spectacle. Here are some of my top pics from some brands I admire:


Aldi are on fire at the moment, with a great TV advertising campaign, and a tweet feed that keeps on churning out great content, including #FreebieFriday promotions for their fans. Although they are a German brand, they have adapted well to the UK, and are on top of their tea and biscuit game. What better way to tweet about the eclipse than through a medium that the British public love?

BBC Radio 4 For everyone in London and the South East who couldn’t see the eclipse at all – Radio 4 came up with some bold eclipse imagery over their own logo. Simple, but effective.

Innocent Smoothies

Innocent Smoothie’s social media is always spot on, brand-focussed, and tongue-in-cheek. Their ‘unofficial’ sponsorship of the eclipse made me chuckle, and broke the fourth wall in terms of their advertising and social strategy.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power never shy away from controversy, and their social media team have a great sense of humour. They delivered a series of tweets for the eclipse, but this one was my favourite:

Play Station UK

I just personally really like the image of this contribution from Play Station. You can just about see the brand’s symbols in the night sky. Well-deserving of the retweets, and manages to integrate brand imagery in a clever and subtle way.


Not an obvious choice, but washing powder brand Persil outshone their competitors with this nifty tweet ‘Leave stains in the dark’, with a focus on the round circle in their packaging. Tying in their brand credentials made this work.


The clear winners for me were Oreo cookies. With an enviable cross-platform advertising strategy, showcased at the 2014 Superbowl, Oreo stepped it up in the UK. Not only did they invest in an innovative front page ad on the cover of The Sun, but carried the campaign over to social, with the hashtag #oreoeclipse. The Oreo campaign worked because it was simple, and showcased the brand as one that was simultaneously creative, confident, and comfortable with themselves. Fortuitously, their black and white biscuit lent itself to eclipse imagery rather well!