PPC troubleshooting: 5 ways your account might need changing

22 April 2015

Pay-per-click ads are not something to set and forget; once they have been created and published, they need regular checks and updates to ensure they perform effectively.

As part of your standard ongoing reviews, there are some account checks that need to be carried out to ensure your ads are performing effectively and that money is not being wasted. Start with these five PPC troubleshooting tips:

1. Check your ad copy

There are a range of things to check within the copy of the ads you are running. Some examples are:

a) Does the copy relate to promotions that are still live?

b) Is the copy focused on topical or seasonal events that are no longer relevant?

c) Does the copy reflect accurate prices?

d) Have you adapted the copy in relation to A/B tests you set up?

e) Is the copy relevant to your keywords?

f) Is the copy on brand?

2. Review your campaign settings

Through your PPC campaign settings, you can control the overall rules for the ad campaigns you publish.

a) Check your targeting criteria, such as location and demographics

b) Review your bids so you understand where your budget is going for each campaign

c) Check mobile bidding as conversion rates often differ across device

d) Consider whether anything has changed in your industry that could have an impact on your account, settings or bids. If the average CPCs have increased due to greater competition, make sure your bids are still suitable.

3. Review your ad extensions

Are you making the most of the ad extensions available? New features are introduced on a regular basis, so review the extensions on offer and make sure you are taking advantage of options that suit your business or niche.

4. Look at your ad scheduling

Are you spending your budget effectively? PPC advertising is all about strategy: analyse your ads according to time of day and day of the week and maximise your efficiency by applying what you learn to your future ad planning.

5. Maximise impression share for converting campaigns

Which of your campaigns are converting most successfully? Capitalise on your top-performing keywords and question whether you could do more to maximise their visibility, such as putting them in their own campaign so they are displayed more of the time, rather than sharing prominence with other keywords. You could also consider increasing the maximum CPC for keywords that perform particularly well.