Schedule Pinterest pins with these tools

18 May 2015

Many businesses are attracted by the power of Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites and the way in which the site seems to strongly influence purchasing behaviour.

However, unlike with, say, Twitter and Facebook, which have a plethora of tools to manage and schedule posts, Pinterest tools are less well known. The perception that Pinterest requires constant attention can put brands off from really engaging with the site, for fear that it takes up too much time.

However, tools are starting to crop up that can help marketers to manage their Pinterest accounts, including the ability to schedule pins to post in the future. This offers the ability to manage a Pinterest account in less time, with posting being batched or automated.

Possibly the most high-profile social media tool that now integrates with Pinterest is Buffer. In recent weeks, Buffer has launched its partnership with Pinterest. The user-friendly design and functionality already familiar to Buffer users is replicated with its Pinterest tool; when the user finds an image they want to share, they select their Pinterest account from the Buffer options, choose which board it should be published to, and add it to their queue. The posts will then be sent to Pinterest according to the times and days you select on your schedule.

Users with the Buffer browser extensions can also right click on any image on the web and choose the Buffer option to share that image on Pinterest. The post title and backlink are automatically added to the pin’s details.

Another tool that allows users to schedule Pinterest posts is Viralwoot. Viralwoot is best known as a way to get new Pinterest followers; users earn ‘seeds’ by following other users or liking their pins and, in return, can ‘spend’ their seeds to gain new followers. This is not necessarily recommended, because the new followers are not targeted and could well be irrelevant to your brand.

However, another feature of Viralwoot is the ability to schedule pins to post in the future. Pins can be searched for within the Viralwoot website, they can be added via a URL, or they can be selected from around the web with the use of Viralwoot’s browser bookmarklet. The images are scheduled by choosing a date for the first image to be shared, then selecting how much time should pass between each pin being posted.

There is a monthly limit to the number of pins that can be scheduled on Viralwoot, but users can pay a small monthly fee to increase the limit.

Finally, Viraltag is a tool that focuses on scheduling and sharing visual posts on a range of social networks, including Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. A limited free service and a range of paid options are available, each offering more functionality.

Images can be sourced via a search on the Viraltag website, via a URL inputted by the user, from the web via a browser extension or bookmarklet, or by looking at images shared by other users.

While it is still advisable to visit the Pinterest site itself to take a look at your stats, to comment on and share others’ pins, and to engage with Pinterest users, the ability to schedule pins for the future takes away the pressure of having to pin in real time on an ongoing basis. Used with care, this kind of automation can save a lot of time and make a brand’s social media marketing more streamlined and efficient.