Boost your image sharing success with these kinds of pics

20 May 2015

Social media is becoming progressively more visual. Google+’s new ‘Collections’ are said to rival Pinterest in style and purpose, Facebook timelines are full of photographs, and sites like Pinterest and Instagram are going from strength to strength.

If you are not already making use of images as part of your social media marketing plan, it makes sense to start doing so. Now.

The images you share can be re-pinned, re-grammed, shared and retweeted, with each re-share increasing your visibility and boosting the image of your brand. But, given the increase in popularity of image sharing, is it really possible to stand out among your competitors?

It is, and it’s all about choosing the best images for the job. There are a number of categories that successful social imagery can fit into, so think strategically and find the picture that suits both the medium and the message

Illustrated blog post titles

These eye-catching and attractive images can be created in minutes with tools like Canva and used to promote blog posts or other website content.
 2. Inspirational, quirky or funny quotes
Make or source ‘quote’ images that your audience will be able to relate to. These often prove highly popular and can get shared hundreds of times, as this example from Pinterest shows:

They can be simple text converted into an image, or they can be more artistic or feature a photograph of the person who is quoted.

3. Share behind-the-scenes pics

Photograph of your staff at work or of an event in progress gives your fans and followers a unique, one-of-a-kind look at what your brand is really up to. Share these kinds of photos from time to time and you will be seen as open, authentic and interesting.


4. Infographics

Infographics remain an incredibly popular way of conveying information. The visual format makes the info easily accessible, as well as very shareable.

This infographic about how to choose the best salad dressing, of all things, has already gained 84 shares on Pinterest.

5. Screenshots

When sharing a blog post or information on a network with character limits, like Twitter, a screenshot of a graph or a portion of your post’s text can convey a lot of information that will encourage your fans and followers to follow your link and share your post.

Make sure it’s a fascinating snapshot of your post so that people can’t resist clicking.
6. Images that are just beautiful

Sometimes, it’s that simple. Gorgeous photographs, hand-drawn artwork or exceptional graphic design can work wonders for your social engagement.

Sure, you might not be able to rival the National Geographic but by choosing stunning stock photography or hiring your own photographer, you can share images on social media that are impressive and attract attention.