Improve your click through rate on Adwords

09 June 2015

The average click-through rate in Google’s search network is 2% as an agency that offers PPC services we like to try and maximise CTR at all times,so if your CTR is falling below this it’s worth trying these tips.

Check you’re targeting the right keywords

If your keywords are too vague or all encompassing, you risk showing up on unrelated search results rendering yourself irrelevant to those who see your ads.

For instance, if you are a cupcake company and you produce chocolate cupcakes, bidding on the terms ‘chocolate cupcake’ will mean you could show up for people who are actually searching for chocolate cupcake recipes or decorating ideas.

Think, instead, about the words that relate to your business – what would people looking for your product or service actually search for?

Keep an eye on negative keywords

For the cupcake company above, it would be important to make sure words like ‘recipe’ were excluded from the results their ads showed up against.

Look at the searches your ads are showing up against and add as many negative keywords to your account as you can.

Consider dynamic keyword insertion

Dynamic keyword insertion is when Google automatically includes the user’s search term as a keyword in your ads.

This can be a highly effective way of making your ads incredibly relevant to what somebody is searching for, which is likely to increase your click-through rate for those ads.

However, dynamic keyword insertion can also sometimes result in odd ads being displayed, such as ads with spelling mistakes (if there is a typo in the search term) or strange wording. So, if you are using them, keep a close eye on how it operates.

Keep testing

Whether your ads have been in place for some time or you have new campaigns running, A/B testing is always important to maximise click-through rates and conversions.

Test titles, ad copy, images, offers and the combinations of them all to make sure the ads people see are the most effective at getting that click.

Consider increasing your bids

Higher bids can attract better positioning on the search engine listings, so test some higher bids for your ads that convert well. Keep reviewing this to ensure it is cost effective.