The Conversation After the Event: Make the Most of the Buzz

26 June 2015

When attending industry conferences or networking events, you can make good use of social media to connect with other attendees and follow the trends.

But, after the event, it does not have to end. There are still opportunities to get your name and brand ‘out there’ and take advantage of the things you have learned and the people you have met.

Why not try the following?

Keep an eye on the hashtag – and join in

Most events nowadays are wise enough to dedicate a specific hashtag so that attendees can connect with each other, and so those who can’t attend can see on the highlights.

However, even when the event is over, the hashtag is likely to remain active for some time. Join in the conversation and demonstrate your expertise for all to see.

Make a Twitter list of attendees

Lists can make Twitter a bit more manageable, giving you the chance to group the people you follow by interest or topic.

Create a Twitter list of people who attended the event. You can add the people you have met and networked with, as well as those commenting on the event’s hashtag. Make the list public so they know you have added you and taken the initiative.

Others might follow the list too, further raising your profile.

Blog about the event

When you are back in the office, write a blog post (or series of posts) summarising what you learned at the event.

All these blog posts (below) were written in response to this year’s Social Media Marketing World… and that’s just the first page of the search results!

Search for – and share – other people’s content

As well as posting your own social media updates and blog posts about the event, look for what others post and write, too.

Tracking the hashtag (on a range of social networks), conducting regular date-based web searches (so the results you get are specific to the conference you attended), and watching the Twitter list you set up will help you to stay on top of the buzz.

This will help you to continue building positive relationships by sharing the best-quality content about the conference or event.

Create social connections on a variety of networks

When you return from your event, spend some time going through the business cards you have collected and the emails you have received to connect with the other attendees on social networks such as LinkedIn as well as Twitter, as suggested above.

If one person posted Instagram posts on the event’s hashtag, then following them on Instagram may be the best way to connect. Ditto if they mainly posted via Google+. But, in general, Twitter and LinkedIn are currently the networks that are most frequently used for professional networking.

However you connect, keep those relationships alive. You never know when your expertise could prove invaluable to somebody.