How to engage sports fans through content marketing

13 July 2015

In the UK, the sports market is enormous. Everyone from sporting goods retailers and manufacturers to sports clubs is competing for attention in this crowded environment, and many of these brands are realising that, by placing themselves in a position where they entertain or inform their customers, they can stand out.

Content marketing is a highly effective way to capture sports fans’ attention; in a market worth £billions, reaching out to customers and becoming a go-to resource can make a significant difference to brand recognition, a sense of trust and, ultimately, increased revenue.

Let’s see how some sports brands are engaging their fans and customers with content marketing.


Animal is a brand that sells products for action sports, including clothing, wetsuits, footwear and accessories. The site's blog showcases its limited edition products, as well as providing exciting content that will appeal to its core audience.

By promoting a competition, Animal can ensure that its target audience engages with the brand. Animal also runs a YouTube channel, with videos that will interest surfers, cyclists, snowboarders and skaters, and its Instagram account is full of beautiful shots that – importantly – will be aspirational and exhilarating for its target audience.


Speedo is a swimwear brand that most people are familiar with, and it has taken an interesting track to become indispensable to swimmers: it has produced a mobile app.

The Speedo Fit App covers every base for fans of swimming. It can be used to store and track data, such as how frequently you go swimming, as well as your speed and distance. By setting goals within the app, you can stay motivated and share your results socially (competing with your friends!). The app also allows users to locate swimming pools and watch training videos to improve their technique.

By producing such a comprehensive app, designed specifically for swimmers, Speedo associates itself with serious swimmers and becomes a brand that is relevant to that group of consumers.


St Helens rugby league club’s website looks hectic but, if you know where to look, you can find some well thought-out content geared towards the club’s fans.

In the Fan Zone, St Helens fans can download image wallpapers for their computer, making the team’s promotional shot the first thing they see when they load up their machine. iPhone wallpapers are also available to download.

The club also produces regular podcasts to appeal to its fans, and has a YouTube channel full of clips that allow Saints fans to replay their favourite moments from matches.

Like with any industry, sports brands need to think carefully about how they can attract the attention of their target customers through content. As we have seen, this does not have to just mean a blog; videos, mobile apps, audio content and images are all popular ways to appeal to the people a brand most wants to capture.