Moz Local Comes to the UK

14 August 2015

Moz Local, which has been available to the US market since March last year, has now been launched in the UK.

The service helps business owners to ensure that their business is listed in relevant, high-quality, local directories, while tackling the problem of duplicate entries that can occur due to slight differences in the way a brand’s name or address is displayed.

When using Moz Local, business owners (or SEOs and marketers) input relevant data about their business and Moz quickly finds listings that contain similar information. This way, you can highlight which of the results are your own, and which are a different business with a similar name or address.

The information inputted into Moz Local will be distributed to Factual and FourSquare, Thomson Local, CentralIndex, and the Scoot network, which further distribute the information to others. Moz is anticipating the inclusion of two more “major destinations” soon.

Why use Moz Local?

Local directory listings can help customers to find businesses. Sometimes, a customer is looking for a specific business, other times, they are looking to find a good fit. Either way, local listings can be invaluable for your discoverability, as a brand.

There are also some SEO benefits to local directory listings. Also known as ‘citations’, they help Google and other search engines to match up their data. As long as all the details are identical every time they are submitted, the search engines can be confident that they understand which business a listing is for.

The days when some SEOs would create thousands of local directory listings on ad-filled sites purely for the backlinks are (hopefully) over, but links from a decent number of high-quality listings certainly could help with SERPs.

Why not submit and edit listings by hand?

Going to every single relevant local directory, verifying whether your business is listed and, if so, checking that the information included is precisely correct, takes a long, long time.

Updating out-of-date information, editing listing details, adding a name, address, description, contact details, URL and brand logo to each site takes even longer.

Assuming it takes 5 – 10 hours to add and update your listings on every local directory, there’s a high chance that your time is worth more than the £84 it would cost to let Moz Local do the heavy lifting for you.

In addition, updating and completing listings manually risks errors, duplicate listings or listings with misinformation contained within them.

You can check out Moz Local here.