Gain New Site Visitors with Highly Shareable Content

14 September 2015

Gain New Site Visitors with Highly Shareable Content

When you create new content on your business website, you want it to get as much attention as possible. Today, this tends to mean capitalising on social media traffic and promoting all new content multiple times on a range of social networks.

However, all the effort does not have to come from you. You want people who access your content to be able to easily share it with their own networks, too, which can expand your reach to their friends and colleagues – potentially a whole new audience.

So, what can brands do to ensure that they get as many social shares as possible when they create new content?

Here are our top tips:

Have social sharing icons on your site

Some people put them at the top of a post, others at the side, and others at the end, but wherever you put them, make sure there is an easy way for somebody who has read and enjoyed your content to send it out to their contacts on social media.

Don’t put obstacles in their way

If someone clicks a ‘share’ link on your site and it brings up an error message, or if they have to jump through hoops by registering with a particular sharing plugin in order to tweet out your content, they will often give up.

Make sure your social sharing plugins work smoothly and that they don’t introduce any complicating factors when somebody is trying to share your content.

Consider title length for Twitter sharing

If your blog posts have very long titles, or if your website name is long and is automatically included when social sharing icons are clicked, the total number of characters (including the link) may come up to over 140.

Think about the length of your titles before you publish, checking that they will not be too long for easy sharing on Twitter.

Make the content extraordinary

Content that exhibits certain qualities sees particular success in terms of the number of social shares it receives.

The Duct Tape Marketing blog recommends that content is:

  • Relatable
  • Refutable
  • Relevant.

While recommends that publishers consider the following factors:

  • Social validation
  • Entertainment
  • Practical value
  • Beliefs and causes
  • Interest
  • Incentive
  • Aesthetics.

Acknowledge people who share your content socially

It is good practice to thank people who share your content on social media, as it helps brands to build positive relationships and encourages further shares.

To find people who shared your posts on Twitter without tagging you in the tweet, search for the URL of your posts in and see how far your content has travelled.