Content Marketing Distribution – How To Get Your Content Moving.

16 September 2015

Content Marketing Distribution – How To Get Your Content Moving.

Beautiful, stunning and even sensational content is no good – unless it moves through the web.

Well, strictly speaking that is not completely true, but it illustrates a very important point.

What is better, excellent content that sits on one place, seen by hundreds of eyes, or good content that travels through the web and is seen by thousands?

Let’s get one thing straight; unless your content is, at the very very least, ‘good’, it won’t be traveling through the web anyway. So before we talk about how we can distribute our content, it is fundamental to understand your content must be up to standard in the first place.

Having your content shared is the ultimate sign of appreciation - it’s the Holy Grail. Having other people share your message is far more authentic then saying it yourself.

So, how do we give content that push?

1. Outreach

Outreach is a great way of getting your content out there. It’s essentially letting appropriate websites and influencers know about your work. Rather than waiting for them to hopefully, maybe, find your content, why wouldn’t you go and show it to them?

Compile a spreadsheet of relevant websites and blogs you would like to gain coverage on (relevant being the key word, this is an important aspect to consider when compiling a list of websites to contact). One by one, look at these websites, their social media channels and any other mediums to find the appropriate contact information and add this to your spreadsheet. Then you are good to go.

For best results, it is always a good idea to ‘pitch’ your ideas to appropriate websites before you have produced the content. Better still, involve them in the ideation process. Ask them what they would like to see and what form they would prefer the content.

They will appreciate the fact you are not simply firing them a quick ‘spammy’ email but instead really valuing their opinion. They will be much more likely to collaborate.

2. Reuse existing content

No, this is not a cop out.

The exact term should be recycle existing content. We are not suggesting you simply repost the content in the same form, but instead transform it into another piece. Turn a blog post into a press release, a page of copy into a slide share, an infographic into a video – your content needs to be liquid.

Some people prefer text pieces, others prefer something more visual – often the more forms your content is in, the more people you will reach.

Remember, just because your content is in a different form will not mean the purpose of the content changes, i.e. it will still be relevant.

3. Social Media

We are not here to patronise!

Social media is the most obvious form to help your content travel, and of course a very important one.

Find your relevant channels (where are your audience most likely to be?) and invest in them. It is much better to have one channel working highly efficiently than multiple working less so. This is not an excuse to be lazy though – really spend time finding out your best channel.

Social media advertising can also be a highly effective method of hitting your exact audience and improving your reach. If done right, it will be a very efficient use of spend.

Imagine putting a promotional poster on a tree, but the only people who walk past that tree are your exact target audience – that’s social media advertising for you.

4. Make it as easy as possible to share

Finally, and perhaps most simply, make your content as easy as you possible can for people to share.

This can be achieved through adding shareable icons next to your piece. You can use free resources like Elegant Themes.

Failing this, add call to action buttons that encourages your audience to share.