How to choose the right social channels to suit your business

16 September 2015

How to choose the right social channels to suit your business

Spreading your bets and distributing the same content across all social channels is the easy option.

But is it the easy option we are after?

This approach won’t yield the results you wished for. It is likely you will give it a go for a few months, because you feel you ought to, grow frustrated and could even give up all together – confident in the fact that social media just isn’t for your business.

I can insure you this won’t be the case.

So, how do we find the right channel to suit your business?

Where is your audience?

Without doubt the most important factor. If you are regularly producing great content to the right people then you are onto a winner. Visa versa, if you are producing excellent content but to the wrong audience then you are going to lack that engagement.

It would be foolish for a gentlemen’s clothing range that targets the retired to advertise on Instagram when you consider only 6% of Instagram users are aged over 65. An obvious example, but it illustrates the point.

So how do I know where my audience like to hang out? Luckily there is a lot of good research out there. Here is a great article which looks into demographics by social channel. If you would rather conduct your own research, and really get to know your own followers, you can use tools such as Demographics Pro.

If you decide you do want to have a presence on a platform that doesn’t necessarily cater for your target market then the smart move would be to tinker your content in a way that matches up.

Test Test Test

Get it out of your head that this is the boring, time consuming bit. Instead, view it as time to poke around, have a play and get some interesting results. This is the time when the word ‘wrong’ doesn’t exist.

Give yourself a certain time period – say three months – and post away. Which platforms brings most joy? Which one is failing to correlate with your audience? These questions can only be answered with tracking so make sure you have a detailed reporting system in place.

Set out clear objectives and KPI’s, whichever channels perform best against these are the ones to go with.

Don’t be afraid of not being on a channel

You may think there is a case to have a presence on as many channels as possible in order to maximise your reach. This is not so and is definitely a time for quality over quantity.

Doing social media correctly takes sufficient investment and resource, you don’t want to be spending time on channels that are not bringing in the results. Apart from anything, it will lower moral leading you to lose faith with social media all together.

Only invest in the channels that work for you.