How Brands Can Boost Engagement on Instagram

28 September 2015

How Brands Can Boost Engagement on Instagram

Instagram can be a powerful branding tool. It offers businesses a way to present themselves, in a visual format, in a way that they can control.

As 70% of Instagram users are outside of the US, and Instagram use in the UK has overtaken Facebook, British brands need to strongly consider using this platform and engaging with its users.

Instagram can be used by businesses in a variety of ways: product shots, behind-the-scenes shots, sneak peaks of upcoming offers, etc. But if your audience is ignoring you, you could be wasting your time.

As with any social network, marketing on Instagram is unlikely to show immediate positive results. Any benefits will grow over time, as you build up your profile and follower numbers.

But what if you have been using Instagram for your business for some time and are not seeing the results you want?

We have some advice to help you increase your engagement stats and follower numbers.


It’s hard for your fans to get excited about your Instagram pics when they only appear once in a blue moon. Consider a regular posting schedule, especially when you’re getting started, to integrate some anticipation into your followers’ expectations.

Curate carefully

Don’t share every photo on your phone to Instagram; nobody needs to see thirty two identical photos of the view from your hotel balcony. Even more than with a personal account, a business Instagram account needs to be carefully curated so that the content that is shared is relevant, on brand and interesting to users.


On Instagram, hashtags rule. You may have noticed that some of the most popular images have dozens of hashtags underneath them, and many people follow these hashtags to see what people share.

Find some hashtags that are relevant to your business or the photo you have taken, and use them when you post. Alternatively, you can publish the photo then edit it or comment on it, to add the hashtags separately, if you don’t want them all to show up when you cross-post to other networks.

Speaking of which, share to other social networks

Do your Twitter and Facebook fans even know you are on Instagram? Share every Instagram post you publish with your other networks, to enable your existing followers to find you on that channel, too.

Engage with your engagements

If somebody comments on your picture, do you answer (and tag them in your response)? If somebody likes your photo, do you check out their stream and follow them back?

Engagement works both ways. Don’t ignore your followers, or you might find they ignore you too!

Follow hashtags

As well as incorporating hashtags into your Instagram posts, keep an eye on the hashtags that are most relevant to your industry. You can find new people to follow and make new connections in your niche.

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