The value of boosting content with PPC

07 October 2015

The value of boosting content with PPC

Content that is produced for a website needs to be promoted if a business is to get the best value out of it. Promoting content - and encouraging others to share it - on social media channels is highly recommended as a way of getting new and existing content in front of relevant fans and followers.

However, social sharing is not the only way to boost content on a blog, podcast or video channel.

As new content is indexed by search engines, it will start to show up in the organic search results, too, but this can take time and there are no guarantees that your new blog posts will be at the top of the search results.

This leaves an option that many overlook as a method of content promotion, but that is very valuable in getting the word out: pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

The potential reach of a PPC ad is powerful; PPC ads allow marketers to get their latest news, content and offers in front of as many eyes as possible, with each ad being carefully targeted to the most relevant demographic for the brand. PPC ads can be set up as soon as new content is created, without having to wait for Google to index and rank it.

Get the best results from using PPC to improve content reach

1. Share the benefits of the content in your ad copy and call to action

If you have invested time and money into creating content, such as an ebook to promote your business, PPC ads can be an ideal way of getting the word out.

Make the most of the ad copy and call to action by commending the benefits of the ebook to your prospects, making it clear how someone can gain value from downloading it.

2. Use PPC ads to drive traffic and split test content

PPC advertising can be used to test out new content, sending new visitors to the website and measuring results quickly and simply.

You can feel confident that the people visiting your site are made up of your target demographic, and the measured traffic (along with monitoring via Google Analytics) can help you to test out the relative conversion success of two pieces of content, two different titles or two different presentations.

This is a much quicker process than waiting for organic and social traffic, hoping it fits your target audience, and measuring progress from there.

3. Test different demographics with the same content

As well as offering the ability to test different types of content with your audience, PPC ads can also help you to test out the same content with different audiences, so you can find out which demographic gives you the best results.

Using PPC ads on Facebook, for instance, you can see whether people in different age groups or locations download your white paper or click on your video more frequently.

4. Personalise your content

Using PPC ads allows you to send visitors to specific pages on your website. You can use the data from your ads to personalise the content somebody sees, which – if done correctly – can improve the likelihood of it converting well (whatever your conversion goals may be).

(Image credit: David Bruce Jr)