Google Customer Match: Get the Best Results from Targeted PPC Advertising

19 October 2015

Google Customer Match: Get the Best Results from Targeted PPC Advertising

Google has introduced a new way for advertisers to connect with the people they really want to market themselves to. Google Customer Match allows advertisers to create and target a pre-defined audience, based on email address matching.

For marketers, the ability to upload a list of email addresses and target those users when they are signed in offers a unique opportunity. It works across ads that appear in Google search, Gmail and YouTube, where advertisers will be able to promote their brands to a specified audience.

Google will also allow advertisers to upload their list of email addresses and target people whose profiles are similar to those on the list, and if you think this sounds like Facebook targeting capabilities, you’d be right. There are clear similarities between this heightened ability to target customers on Google and Facebook’s existing offerings, and Google’s new functionality could certainly be considered a threat to Facebook’s advantage in this realm.

How to get the best from Google Customer Match

For brands, Google Customer Match offers the opportunity to market directly to people who have already expressed an interest in their business, by being existing customers or having signed up to an email list, for example. This engagement means there is already a relationship between the customer and the brand, so the marketing can be carefully targeted to make the most of this.

Here are our top tips for when this new feature is available:

1. Tailor your ads for existing customers

When targeting customers who have already engaged with your brand, you can personalise your ads for that audience. Try increasing your bids and creating different ad copy for those loyal, returning customers.

2. Use the email-match functionality to remind customers of a new product or service

If you organise events, you can promote your next conference or party to people who attended your last one. Similarly, if you have an updated version of your products or services on sale, make sure people who bought the last incarnation are aware of your new offerings.

3. Cross-sell and up-sell

If somebody bought your software or training course recently, do you have further items you can offer them that will help them to get even more value out of your products? Upload your buyer list and promote any add-ons you have available.

4. Use the ‘exclude’ feature, too

Google Customer Match also allows advertisers to exclude email addresses from seeing your advertising. Avoid wasted ad spend by making sure people who have already bought your product do not see further ads for it.

5. Remind lapsed customers of what you offer

If you run a membership or subscription site, or a loyalty programme for customers, target those individuals who have not taken any action for a period of time. Use the ads to remind people you exist, and to encourage them to re-engage with your business.

Google Customer Match is currently being rolled out in the US. Keep an eye on this blog to find out when it becomes available to UK marketers. Customers will be able to opt out of targeted advertising in their Google Settings.