Top Tips for Brand Outreach

19 October 2015

Top Tips for Brand Outreach

Many online brands now understand the importance of reaching out to bloggers, social media personalities and the media to expand their reach and promote their business. Building effective relationships is key to having success in this area, because reaching out to cold prospects and expecting them to share your blog posts or link to your new products is likely to be met with silence.

Once you have started building those relationships, how do you then make an approach? Here are our best tips:

Look for people who are looking for guest posts

If your outreach strategy includes writing and distributing guest blog posts on sites relevant to your brand, make your life easier by starting with people whose websites offer this opportunity.

If the websites you frequent don’t advertise guest blogging spaces, try search strings that include “your industry / niche” AND “guest bloggers wanted” OR “write for us” or similar.

Personalise your approach

Bloggers, journalists and influential websites get a lot of email, so you need to stand out. Always personalise your messages with the name of the person you are writing to and a reference to the fact that you are familiar with their work.

Be human

Don’t act like an automaton, even if you are sending a lot of messages to a lot of different people. If you let your personality show, you will make more of an impact.

Follow up on social media

If you email an individual or brand, consider contacting them on social media too, just in case your email has ended up in their spam folder. If you have already built a relationship with them on, say, Twitter, your tweet could also remind them of who you are.

Ask yourself what’s in it for them

If you want a blogger to review your product, don’t just talk about how great that would be for your brand. Talk about the benefits they will receive, too, and why your proposal offers value to them and their readers.

Make it easy

If you are hoping to get a guest blog post published on a relevant site, follow all their blogging guidelines and send them great content. If your article requires extensive editing or is not in the right format, it may be easier for them to ignore it.

Don’t expect miracles

Even if the journalist you approached wants to write an article about your product, that doesn’t mean that their editor will agree. And even if a blogger wants to review your services, that doesn’t mean they will necessarily do it to your timescale; they most likely run their blog in their spare time.

Allow people time to react to your press releases or approaches, and be generous if they seem keen.

Nurture ongoing relationships

Don’t drop somebody when your outreach campaign finishes. Keep the relationships warm and continue to network on social media, even when you don’t immediately need them. This generates good will that will be remembered when you call on them again.