How SMEs Can Increase Engagement on Facebook

23 October 2015

How SMEs Can Increase Engagement on Facebook

Many brands invest a lot of time and effort into building up their Facebook Fan Page as a way of reaching out to customers and prospects. However, with organic reach calculated at just 6% last year, getting your posts seen by those who have hit ‘like’ on your Page is harder than ever before.

So, what can you do to make sure that your posts are seen? The answer starts with engagement. The more engagement your Facebook posts get, the higher your organic reach will be. There are two main reasons for this:

  • 1.When people comment or click ‘like’ on your posts, this can show up in their friends’ feeds and tickers
  • 2.Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is thought to favour posts from Pages that are popular and receive decent engagement.

Similarly, increased reach can lead to higher levels of engagement, simply because more people are seeing your content.

Improved engagement and reach can be achieved by a number of different tactics, which we will outline below. Remember, engaged customers are more likely to take action and convert, too, so the benefits are far reaching.

  • 1.Ask questions. This post by Avon asked a question of its readers and got 18 comments, 267 ‘likes’ and 401 shares. Asking questions prompts your fans to respond and interact with your Page.

  • 2.Post videos and avoid image posts. An article by Business Insider reports that videos posted on Facebook achieve a reach of 8.7%, compared to text-only posts (5.8%), links (5.3%) and images (3.7%).
  • 3.Show your personality. When a brand has a distinct personality, customers and prospects often react well to the familiarity of its approach. Don’t be afraid to put some soul into your posts!
  • 4.Request engagement. We’ve all seen posts that say “click like if you agree!” or simply, “please share this post!” and these kinds of requests can be surprisingly effective. You might want to make your calls to action more nuanced than blanket requests, but test some options and see what works for you.
  • 5.Be relevant. If people sign up to see updates from your Facebook Page, it’s because they are interested in your business or brand. While the occasional humorous link or ‘happy Friday’ post won’t cause any problems, if the majority of your posts are off-topic or unrelated to your niche, you will lose interested fans.
  • 6.Time your posts carefully. When is your audience most likely to be online and checking Facebook? By posting when they’re at work, or late at night, you are likely to miss out on engagement that could have taken place if you had posted in the early evening or at lunchtime. This varies from industry to industry, but if you understand your fans, you can maximise your chances of success.
  • 7.Promote your posts. Some businesses are still resistant to the idea of paying to promote their posts to a higher number of users, but it is an incredibly effective way of expanding your brand’s reach. When you have a post that’s important or especially compelling, consider using Facebook advertising to target your existing fans, or potential new ones.