How to Edit Your Own Blog Posts

08 January 2016

How to Edit Your Own Blog Posts

Proofreading our own writing is difficult, because we tend to read what we think we wrote, rather than what we actually wrote. Yet presenting high-quality, professional-looking content on our blogs is vital if we are to be taken seriously.

Our eyes often skim the words we have written because they are familiar. When we understand how this works, we can start to tackle the problem and do a much better job of spotting, and fixing, our own mistakes.

Spot more mistakes by putting distance between yourself and the post

The longer you can leave between writing and editing your post, the better. Ideally, you would write a post one day and edit it another day but, in the busy world of content creation, this isn’t always possible. But even an hour or two can help you to see your work with fresh eyes.

Make your post look different

Change the font and font size of your blog post to trick your brain into thinking it is reading something new, not something you just wrote.

Read it out loud

Reading your writing out loud will show you whether there are sentences that are awkwardly worded, or missing or extra words.

Double check anything you’re not sure about

If you’re not sure whether you should use compliment or complement, or principle or principal, use Google to work out the difference. There are plenty of grammar and spelling websites that will fill you in.

Improve your post’s structure

Don’t just look at the spelling, grammar and wording of your post when you are editing it; you should also improve the structure, especially regarding its suitability as a blog post.

Some things to consider are:

  • could you add some headings?
  • do you have lists that could benefit from bullet points or numbered lists?
  • are your paragraphs overly long, for web reading?

Use a blog post checklist

Do you want to make sure you always include an image, a call to action and internal linking within your blog posts? You are far more likely to be consistent if you have a simple checklist to run through before hitting Publish.