​Twitter Launches Conversational Ads… Including Custom Hashtags and Call-to-Action Buttons

11 January 2016

Twitter Launches Conversational Ads… Including Custom Hashtags and Call-to-Action Buttons

Twitter has announced a new format for its paid advertising, called conversational ads. Described by Revenue Project Manager Andrew Bragdon as “a powerful way for advertisers to extend their presence across Twitter”, conversational ads allow marketers to incorporate call-to-action buttons and customisable hashtags in their Promoted Tweets.

Twitter users will be able to engage with brands’ promoted posts in a new way with conversational ads, as they will see options to click on that enable them to cast a kind of vote, using hashtags. In this example, customers of The Barista Bar can click the hashtag associated with their favourite type of coffee.

Twitter will then populate a tweet with the hashtag and a pre-established brand message that the customer can personalise and share with their friends and followers. The tweet they share will be visible in their followers’ timelines and will include the brand’s original image or video, extending its reach yet further.

One of the companies testing conversational ads has been Samsung, which reports excitement at “the opportunity to initiate more meaningful conversation”, crediting the ads with enabling them to help their fans to get closer to the brand.

Businesses large and small will ultimately be able to use this kind of Twitter advertising to attempt to encourage engagement and interactivity with their fans and followers. The hashtag polling functionality could even be used as a way of carrying out consumer market research, gauging popular opinions amongst followers and fans. Because users who vote with the hashtags will share the image or video chosen by the brand, the reach of the message could be considerably larger than other ad formats on the platform.

Conversational ads are currently still in beta testing with selected advertisers around the world. We can expect them to see wider release over time, and we are watching the results with interest in the meantime.