​Boost Your Blog Traffic from Twitter: Best Practice Guidelines

19 January 2016

Boost Your Blog Traffic from Twitter: Best Practice Guidelines

Social media marketing can serve many purposes, from raising brand awareness to engaging with customers and fans. One of its other goals, though, is to increase targeted traffic to a website or blog.

When you have a decent Twitter following (or even when you are still building this up), you don’t want to waste the opportunity to draw potential customers in and increase your site visitor numbers.

Try the following best-practice guidelines to boost your blog traffic from Twitter:

Optimise and update your profile

You probably filled out some profile information when you set up your Twitter account, but have you updated it since then? It might be that your focus has changed or that you can simply improve the way you describe yourself or your services, so revise your bio so that it reflects the best you.

While you’re there, review your profile pictures and your header image, too, to make them compelling and appealing to look at.

Choose your pinned tweet carefully

Twitter users are able to pin a tweet to the top of their timeline, which means it’s the first tweet that anyone who looks at their profile sees. Look through your recent tweets and choose a link to a particularly popular or relevant blog post to pin to your profile.

If a tweet has already received a lot of engagement, this can be a good choice to pin. Alternatively, go for one that represents your brand.

Make your posts visual

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without, and they are certainly more eye-catching. Include images from your blog posts when you share them on Twitter, and set up Twitter Cards so that when readers share your posts, the images show up in their tweets, too.

Set up a social sharing schedule

When you publish a new blog post, do you share it once and forget about it?

If you want to really attract more blog readers, you need to capture their attention with more effort than that! Set up a schedule so that each new blog post is tweeted out twice in the first 24 hours, again within a week, and again within a month, for example. Keep re-sharing old posts, too, for maximum impact.

Use relevant hashtags

If you have been paying close attention on Twitter, you will be familiar with a certain number of hashtags that are popular within your niche or industry. Make use of them (as long as they are relevant) when you are promoting your blog posts, as this will help to make your tweets more visible.

Retweet others’ tweets that mention your blog

Have a social media listening plan in place so that you are aware when other users mention your site or your blog. Retweet those mentions, especially when they include links, to share your content and provide social proof to your followers.