​Nobody’s reading your blog

25 January 2016

Nobody’s reading your blog

If nobody reads your blog, that is not going to change unless you take concerted action to gain traffic and attract attention. Mark Schaefer coined the term ‘content shock’ to describe the phenomenon of there now being so much content produced on the web that it is overwhelming. The result is that brands and businesses need to work extra hard to stand out in this crowded market.

Start by looking at your Google Analytics stats. How many people have read your most recent blog posts? How many people click to read more when they’ve finished the original article they found? Where does your traffic come from? Does it convert? What is the most popular content on your website?

Having this detailed knowledge of how your content is performing will help you to understand what is working and what isn’t. It will also give you a no-holds-barred understanding of the overall success of your content, to date. If you are disappointed with the stats you see, don’t panic. Things can change if you make a determined effort to improve.

Next, take a look at the content you have produced to date. Is it valuable to your target audience? Is it appealing and compelling? Does it look good? Is there content that your readers cannot get elsewhere?

Consider carrying out original research or asking multiple people within your company to create content for your blog to keep it diverse and interesting. Carry out a content audit and create an editorial calendar to make sure that the content topics and formats are relevant, varied and valuable. You might want to create a style guide for consistency, especially if a range of different people are contributing to your blog.

Do you know who you are talking to? Many bloggers make the mistake of trying to appeal to everybody, when identifying and targeting a buyer persona will help you to be relevant and useful to the specific niche of people who will actually stick around.

Look, too, at the frequency of your postings. While you don’t need to post at precisely 11am every Tuesday and at 3pm every Thursday, massive gaps between posts can lose you readers and won’t help to build a loyal audience. Commit to a content production schedule and do your best to keep on top of it.

How well optimised is your blog? Make sure it is optimised both for social media (so that social shares look good) and search engines to maximise the potential of those channels and increase your visitor numbers from this wide range of sources. Your blog also needs to be optimised for mobile visitors. As the number of mobile web surfers is constantly on the rise, failing to have a mobile-optimised site is a significant blunder that will do damage to your blog stats.

Finally, look honestly at how well you are promoting your blog posts. This is not limited to social media but can also be considered in relation to your email marketing and internal linking structures.

Combining all of the above tactics can help to move your blog up a notch and increase your readership. Take positive action and you will see results.