​How to Get More Retweets to Increase Your Reach on Twitter

27 January 2016

How to Get More Retweets to Increase Your Reach on Twitter

Twitter followers are not much use to your brand unless they are engaged; engaged followers do not just follow, they interact with your updates, clicking on links, replying to tweets and retweeting them to their own followers. Retweets are especially useful because they share your updates with people who may not have previously been aware of you, attracting new followers and new opportunities to interact with potential customers.

So, retweets are beneficial to a brand, and the good news is that there are things that can be done to encourage more of them. Here are some best-practice guidelines for boosting the number of retweets you receive:

  • Be proactive yourself. If you engage with other people’s updates, you will stand out amongst the crowd. Be generous in your retweets and you may well find that others respond in kind.
  • Be relevant. People follow Twitter accounts because they are appropriate to their interests or their industry, so don’t go wildly off topic or have no apparent logic in the things you share.
  • Study your stats. Do you get more retweets in the daytime or the evening? What about weekdays vs weekends? Look at your Twitter analytics and make sure you are posting when you followers are the most active.
  • Be useful. Do you provide industry information that is invaluable to your followers? Do you share tips and tricks that your potential customers could benefit from? Make yourself a valuable resource and your updates will be shared.
  • Ask for what you want. Don’t do this with every post, but research has shown that including ‘please retweet’ or even ‘pls RT’ can increase the number of shares a post gets.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule. Don’t exclusively share self-promotional updates on your social media accounts. Four posts that share other people’s content or useful tips for each one post that links to your site is often considered to be a good ratio.
  • Use hashtags. Do you know which hashtags are commonly used in your industry? Use them – when relevant – to get your brand on the radar of those who follow them.
  • Include images in your tweets. Tweets that contain images are more attention-grabbing than text-only tweets, and they take up more space on the screen, which makes them harder to miss. Start including more images in your tweets and test out whether this increases your retweet rates.
  • Tune into trending topics. Don’t hijack trending hashtags with irrelevant brand promotions but, if a trending topic is relevant to what you do, see if you can come up with ways to put yourself in the picture.