3 Must-Haves in your 2016 AdWords Campaigns

04 February 2016

3 Must-Haves in your 2016 AdWords Campaigns

Is your business’s pay-per-click advertising strategy up to scratch? Are you using the tools available within Google AdWords to get the best possible results?

Great results within AdWords advertising means getting clicks that are highly targeted; clicks that lead to conversions. There are a number of strategies available that can help you to target your ads to your ideal audience, and in this post, we are going to look at three of them.

1. Customer Match

Customer Match allows AdWords users to upload a list of their customers or subscribers and target ads directly to those people. The benefits of this are clear: you are able to direct your PPC ads to people who have either already made a purchase from you, or who have taken action and displayed an interest in your brand.

These ads are likely to result in higher conversions than ads targeted at general users.

By targeting existing customers, your success will be elevated, so make sure you adjust your bid amounts and opt to pay more to display your ads more prominently to these users. Test on different segments of your list and increase your budget to suit how far down your conversion funnel your customers are.

2. Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) mean that advertisers have to hand over some control to Google, but they offer a way to personalise ads to relevant search results, with minimal effort. Essentially, when somebody carries out a search, their query is matched with the content of your website and a headline is dynamically generated to create an AdWords ad that links to a relevant landing page on your site.

Dynamic Search Ads are therefore suitable for websites that have a large number of landing pages, such as e-commerce stores. If products change regularly, then DSAs can save a lot of time, in favour of creating individual ads for each item in stock and maintaining an up-to-date list within AdWords.

3. Scripts

AdWords Scripts are a way to automate repetitive tasks within AdWords, using JavaScript code.

Scripts are made up of standard JavaScript code and can be coded from scratch or, alternatively, there are websites that make code available for anybody to use. These Scripts can also be customised so that they do precisely what you need them to do.

AdWords Scripts are especially useful when it comes to making adjustments to bids according to external factors, such as adjustments to exchange rates, good conversions or click-through rates or even changes in the weather!

AdWords Scripts can be managed via the Bulk Operations section of the Campaigns tab on the AdWords web app.