​The Battle of the Digital Channels: #DigitalDayBreak

Tue 09 February 16

The Battle of the Digital Channels: #DigitalDayBreak

Continuing our series of industry leadership events, we collaborated with Quantcast and Ignition One to discuss our thoughts on how digital channels will evolve and develop over 2016.

With brands such as the British Heart Foundation, Whistles and Harvey Nichols in the audience it was a brilliant success - in fact the room was so packed we had to grab extra chairs!

Coming together to discuss their specialisms, our speakers left the audience with real actions that they could take back to the office and use to make a real difference to their marketing strategy during the next 6 months.

The Speakers:

Nigel Muir, MD at DBD Media

A quick introduction

Lotty Chudley, Account Director, DBD

Winning in the moments that matter

Neil Probert, Lead Client Strategist, Quantcast

Where does Programmatic Display fit in the whole mix and how does it affect your brand?

Donovan Gabriel, Head of Search, DBD

The brand bidding conundrum - to bid or not to bid?

Dominic Gramatte, Business Director, Ignition One

Understanding user behaviour and which channels really drive your revenue

It was brilliant to hear from a wide range of experts on how we, as marketers, can ensure that we’re not only keeping up but are keeping ahead in 2016.

Here’s a brief summary of each talk:

Lotty Chudley, DBD Media Winning in the moments that matter

Kicking off with a video summarising Google's Zero moment of truth research, which highlights how consumers behave online when considering a purchase. The video demonstrates how consumers research products and their purchase journey as they move from undecided to decided. The research was released in 2011, but the findings have never been more relevant in terms of influencing a brand's digital strategy in 2016, particularly from a search perspective.

Among various techniques that Lotty suggested brands should be using in 2016, the core of her talk revolved around truly understanding how search engines, in particular the search giant Google, are changing their products to better serve the new trends in consumer behaviour. It's essential that brands understand what their audience and potential audience want and need to know, and ensure they are providing the answers. This is important not only for influencing the purchase decisions of customers and potential customers, but also as part of an online reputation strategy for any brand.

Neil Probert, Quantcast

Where does Programmatic Display fit in the whole mix and how does it affect your brand?

Neil gave the room a practical and actionable talk on Programmatic, and how it can slot into your marketing strategy to get you impressive results.

We learned:

  • If you are questioning accuracy – use a validation service
  • “High Composition” offerings may not live up to their marketing
  • Evaluate your targeting options by comparing accuracy lift vs. an untargeted control
  • Many solutions with higher accuracy are unable to scale

Donovan Gabriel, DBD Media

The brand bidding conundrum - to bid or not to bid?

Should you be allocating budget to bid on your brand? The search engines tell us it’s essential, but as Donovan pointed out many of the largest global brands aren’t putting budget into brand bidding.

What does this mean for you and your PPC strategy? This is the question that our head of search tackled during his talk, leaving us with these core takeaways:

  • Make sure you way up the opportunity cost: How much do you stand to lose if you reduce brand bidding, and where can you use this budget to increase revenue? If the risk is too high and you stand to lose a substantial amount, then keeping your brand spend in place is wise
  • Use Auction Insights to understand how competitors are bidding on your brand and calculate opportunity costs
  • Be experimental and take calculated risks! Put budget into other channels to establish which would be most profitable
  • Test, test and test again!

Dominic Gramatte, Ignition One

Understanding user behaviour and which channels really drive your revenue

Giving brands invaluable advice on how to organise data internally and use it to each department’s advantage. Dominic gave us some logical and essential takeaways:

  • Data must be centrally managed. Data is a company’s most important asset in cross-channel marketing
  • Decision makers must make cultural changes to align it with marketers
  • Measurement approaches must match the flexibility necessary to accommodate cross-channel growth

Thank you again to all of you who came, especially to our speakers.

If you work in digital and would like to hear more about our events, or the #DigitalDayBreak series, please email our Head of Marketing Ellie Barrett at Ellie@dbdmedia.co.uk.