​Grow Your Brand on Instagram

18 February 2016

Grow Your Brand on Instagram

In the beginning, it was known as the app that added funky filters to make selfies look vintage and, while Instagram still gets plenty of vintage-selfie action, it is also increasingly being used by businesses and organisations to increase their social presence and build a larger, more cohesive brand.

Instagram has 300 million users so it goes without saying that attracting the attention of even a small proportion of them can mean a big jump in traffic and brand awareness. Follow our top tips to get the best out of your Instagram account.

Fill out your profile

Links posted with photos are not clickable – and who can be bothered copying and pasting them into a browser? – so make use of the one clickable link you are allowed in your profile so that your Instagram followers know how to find you on the web.

Make your profile text easily readable and keyword rich to suit people carrying out relevant searches, and add your location, especially if you are a brick-and-mortar business that customers can visit.

Think ‘pretty’

Instagram is, above all, a visual channel, so don’t just post a photo of your latest stationery delivery or your new office chair for the sake of it. Make your photos visually appealing and make use of those famous filters if they will improve your images.

Don’t forget your brand guidelines

If your company has a style guide or other advice on running public-facing channels, don’t forget to apply this to your Instagram account, too. Use your photo captions to compel viewers to want to see more, always in keeping with your brand message.

Do show some branding when you can

Don’t feel you need to brand every image you share but, if you can get some visually attractive pics that include some items with your branding on them, go for it. Perhaps you have a cake baked for an event that has your company logo on – this is the perfect opportunity to share a photo of food (always popular on the site) and boost your branding at the same time!

Consider how your images look together

When somebody goes to your brand’s Instagram page to decide whether or not to follow you, they will see a collection of your last 6 or 9 images at a glance. Do they look good together? Is there a cohesive theme or a pattern that emerges?

Don’t just think image by image, check your profile page from time to time to see if you could improve the overall look of your branding.

Use relevant hashtags

As well as looking at updates from people they follow, many people search for images on Instagram based on their favourite hashtags.

Make sure you are in on the action by using an app like LetsTag to find the most popular Instagram hashtags for the subject of your photo.

Let some personality through

Instagram is not the place for formal group photos, lots of product pics, and no fun. Show glimpses of what your organisation looks like behind the scenes, and make your account something your fans and followers are keen to see updates from.