​Twitter Introduces ‘First View’ Video Ads

18 February 2016

Twitter Introduces ‘First View’ Video Ads

Twitter has announced a new type of ad format for its platform. First View – a way for video advertisers to have their ad presented near the top of a user’s Twitter stream – is described as “an engaging and highly visible way to share your brand story with compelling video creative across Twitter’s massive audience”.

First View ads allow marketers to reach a larger proportion of the Twitter audience, offering them top position in the Twitter stream for 24 hours. The site’s top ad slot (whether on desktop or mobile app) will be filled with the brand’s Promoted Video.

This placement offers marketers the opportunity to get their ads in front of more eyes, with the prime positioning meaning that users are less likely to scroll by without noticing it. These autoplay videos are likely to capture users’ attention and, because they are only in this prime spot for 24 hours, over-familiarity will not cause problems like boredom or ‘scroll blindness’.

First View ads will have just one organic tweet above them in the Twitter stream. They will be subject to the same targeting criteria as all other Twitter ads, so the ability to get a video in front of your ideal customer has never been more accessible. The Twitter equivalent of an ‘above the fold’ ad is likely to prove incredibly popular for brands engaging in video advertising and keen to gain more exposure.

One of the advertisers that has been part of the launch process is 20th Century Fox, a movie company that promoted the trailer for its film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. T-Mobile has also been part of the launch process.

Advertisers will be charged when a user views more than three seconds of a video, or when they click to watch it with audio, in full screen.

First View ads are currently only available to managed accounts in the US, but they are expected to launch worldwide in the coming months.