​17 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic in 7 Days

19 February 2016

17 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic in 7 Days

Everybody wants more website traffic, especially if it delivers a highly targeted and relevant audience. But many businesses find that their traffic numbers stagnate and they need a boost to increase site visitors.

Here is some of our best advice to make your website analytics look exciting again:

  1. Advertise with Google AdWords. Target your keywords and audience and drive traffic to your site quickly and effectively.
  2. Use Facebook Remarketing. By adding a Facebook tracking pixel to your website, you show ads to users who have visited your website recently. They have already expressed an interest – why not remind them?
  3. Advertise to custom audiences. Plug your email marketing list into Facebook and Twitter to target ads specifically to the people who have subscribed to get your email updates.
  4. Dig up evergreen blog content and plug it into your social media scheduling software. Share it regularly to your audiences on different channels.
  5. Write great headlines. It is self-evident that good titles get social media clicks and mediocre ones fall behind.
  6. Is your email marketing a bit lacklustre? Invest some time and effort into making it exceptional so your audience can’t wait to revisit your website. These are people who opted to hear more from you, so make the most of that opportunity.
  7. Consider posting content on some third-party platforms like Medium and LinkedIn. This puts your work in front of a new audience who may follow you back to your website.
  8. Do some guest blogging. Demonstrate your expertise in such an accessible and interesting way that your new readers can’t resist finding out more.
  9. Interview industry leaders and rely on them to share this content with their own followers. This is an excellent way to introduce a more relevant audience to your website.
  10. Create videos and share them not only on your blog but also on YouTube, Facebook (use native videos for maximum exposure) and other platforms.
  11. Create some clickbait. For short-term exposure, addictive quizzes and viral content can provide a boost to your website stats.
  12. Explore new social channels. Live streaming video apps like Periscope and Blab are experiencing a boost in attention, with the ability to share on your existing social profiles to increase your audience.
  13. Blog consistently. If your audience can expect new posts from you on a regular basis, they will check your blog for new updates.
  14. Make it easy to subscribe. Is your RSS feed link easily available on your blog? If someone wants to add you to their feed aggregator, let them!
  15. Tune into trending topics. If you can create something relevant out of a newsworthy story, you will attract new readers who are following the trend.
  16. Get extra content shares. Use tools like Click to Tweet to encourage people to share quotes or stats that will attract social attention and drive new visitors to your site.
  17. Run a competition. The site, Top Cashback, had a giveaway where an entry to a competition was hidden on a different page of their site every day. This encouraged repeat visitors and led to people exploring the website more comprehensively.