​How Inbound Marketing Can Go Wrong… And How to Fix It

03 March 2016

How Inbound Marketing Can Go Wrong… And How to Fix It

Inbound marketing can be a powerful way to attract new customers – and keep existing customers engaged – and its use is growing in popularity. However, it is not guaranteed to work, especially when common mistakes are made.

The good news is that there are ways to fix any problems you might be having with your content marketing. But first, you need to identify the issues.

  • Do you know what your goals are?

The best way to achieve success with content marketing is to understand what success means to your brand. This means you need to set goals and then go all out to achieve them.

  • Do you have a strategy?

Producing content on an ad hoc basis will never be as successful as having an over-arching strategy with a plan in place. Understand the reason for each piece of content you create, clarify what you want it to achieve and start to see improved results.

  • Do you have a good site infrastructure?

When a new prospect visits your website, does it load quickly? Is there a good internal linking structure in place so they can explore further? Is it mobile optimised? Are there persuasive landing pages and ready-made shopping baskets ready for an influx of new customers?

Prepare your entire website for the results of your inbound marketing so you don’t lose potential conversions.

  • Are you looking at your stats?

As well as monitoring your traffic and visitor behaviour in Google Analytics, look at your social media and email marketing analytics, too, to see if any channel is letting down your inbound marketing efforts.

Does one of the emails in your sequence have a low open rate? Are you losing more Twitter referrals than Facebook ones to a high bounce rate? Understand these metrics so you can work to improve them.

  • Is your content too self-indulgent?

Is most of your content focused on talking about what a wonderful business you have? Do you predominantly talk about your own achievements?

There is a place for celebrating success but, for content to resonate with prospects and customers, it needs to be useful, interesting or relevant to them. Look outside of your brand to find and create this content.

  • Do you promote your content?

Once your content team has created a blog post, a video or an in-depth article, do you just leave it there and wait for it to be discovered organically?

If so, you are missing a trick. Promote, promote, promote if you want to see traffic and results and get the best return on your investment.

  • Did you give up?

Be honest – did you excitedly build a blog and plan some posts and then, on seeing minimal returns, give up and stop?

You’d be surprised at how frequently this can happen, and it’s a surefire way to guarantee failure. Inbound marketing takes ongoing effort and planning to show real success, so don’t abandon it if you don’t see immediate results.