Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy

10 March 2016

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Many brands have a Twitter and Facebook presence, as a social media agency we make sure we are active on all the main social media networks but, when this is not part of an overall social media strategy, the work done on these profiles can show minimal results.

Creating a plan, on the other hand, helps to ensure that all action taken on social media channels has a purpose and is part of an overall strategy that can be measured and demonstrate success.

You may be able to muddle along for a while without a plan, but miscellaneous content and random share times will not do the trick overall. Here’s why you need a social media strategy:

  • You’ll know your customers better

If you have a social media strategy and regularly check the analytics for each platform you use, you will start to build a picture of your audience that you could otherwise only dream of. This will allow you to tailor the content you share and the business direction you take, according to what those who are interested in you like and respond to.

  • You’ll build better relationships

Many modern customers expect brands to respond to their complaints and questions on social media, and they expect those replies to be quick. By planning your social media strategy, you can build in a customer service response plan so that you won’t leave anybody dissatisfied and frustrated by a lack of response.

  • You’ll hit your goals

You are far more likely to achieve goals that are identified and planned for than those that remain vague and unclear. Once you have chosen your aims for your campaign, identify how you can meet them and what tactics you will use.

  • You may spend less

If your efforts on social media are targeted, thanks to insights you have gained from analytics and from the plans you established in your strategy, you will waste less time and spend the time you do have doing effective outreach or marketing work. Rather than aiming at a moving target in the dark, use your research and your strategy to focus on precisely what works for you – and spend less in the process.

  • You can demonstrate your results

With goals and a plan in place, it is possible to demonstrate the return on any investment a company has made in social media marketing. Without a planned strategy, goals are not set so they cannot be met, and the investment in the process may not be measured, either.