Get More Traffic to Your Blog With These 14 Tips and Tricks

18 April 2016

Every business that has a blog wants to increase the amount of traffic it attracts. After all, why put all that effort into creating content if nobody’s going to see it?

Clever use of SEO services can help.

Dedicate time to taking the steps below and you will find that your blog traffic increases. Some tactics will have an immediate effect, while others will take time to show results. The most important thing is to take action, and to start today.

1. Make your content worth reading. Don’t just churn out posts for the sake of it. If you want people to visit – and revisit – your blog, create fantastic content that attracts readers.
2. Encourage existing readers to share your blog posts on social media by using calls to action, and make the process easier with social sharing plugins.
3. Always remember to first perform keyword research when you are creating your blog posts. While the need to repeatedly write the same target keyword phrases numerous times has been debunked, this does not mean you should forget about SEO altogether when creating content.
4. Write guest blog posts for prominent blogs in your niche. Use your bio information to guide people to your blog to see more of your work.
5. Use your Google Analytics data to get an understanding of what your readers engage with the most. Do more of what works!
6. Namecheck experts and influencers in your industry in a detailed, high-quality post and then let the people know you have featured them. This will encourage them to share your post with their audience.
7. Use internal linking to encourage readers to seek out more of your content.
8. Use PPC advertising to attract readers who search for relevant topics. PPC advertising does not have to be limited to sales pages; top-quality content can also be promoted by targeted ads.
9. Make your posts look good. Use images, photos or infographics to make your posts look more attractive, and break up the text with headings, lists or quotes.
10. Don’t forget about platforms beyond Facebook and Twitter. Share your images on Pinterest and post a screenshot on Instagram, for example, if your posts are image rich.
11. Allow readers to subscribe to your blog, either via RSS feed in tools like Feedly, or by email.
12. Share your posts on social media multiple times. Only a small proportion of Facebook fans will see a post organically, and Twitter users are all online at different times. This means that sharing a post several times, at different times of day or days of the week, will increase your reach.
13. Don’t forget about your older posts, too. Wordpress plugins are available that periodically share old blog posts on social media, such as Revive Old Post.
14. Encourage readers to comment on your blog posts, and always respond to their comments to build a loyal following.