Twitter secrets: 11 simple Twitter hacks that will change your habits

27 April 2016

I know Twitter, you know Twitter – we all know Twitter.

But, do you know it as well as you think?

We have listed 11 Twitter hacks which are simple, but could make a whole load of difference.

1. Schedule posts via Twitter

Scheduling posts is nothing new, but did you know you can schedule them within Twitter, without using a third party scheduling website?

Log into and click on Creatives in the top left corner and then Tweets. From this page hit New Tweet in the top left corner and you are good to go.

No more jumping between websites.

2. Shortcut No.1

Hit ‘N’ whilst logged into Twitter and you’ll be able to start writing a new Tweet.

3. Shortcut No.2

Press ‘L’ to Like a Tweet.

4. Shortcut No.3 (and 4)

Press ‘R’ to reply and ‘T’ to retweet.

5. More shortcuts

I could go on in this vain, but that would go against all the rules of blog writing. Instead, here is a chart from James Traf that will reveal all. Handy, no?

6.Search for Tweets without links

Searching for Tweets without links will lead you to the real conversation. There are a lot of people on Twitter promoting articles; no problem with this, it’s a great way to use Twitter. But, if you are trying to listen to and monitor your target audience, the chances are the ones you want to gain insight from will not be using links. So, take these out of your search results.

By adding '-http' to your search you can do just this.

7.Advance Search is super powerful

According to Internet live stats about 6,000 Tweets are pumped out on Twitter, every second. That is a lot of Tweets holding all sorts of potentially valuable insights that, using Twitter’s powerful search function, can be at your fingertips.

Twitter’s Advance Search has to be one of the most unappreciated, underused and underrated search tools on the internet.

It doesn’t stop at simply searching for words within Tweets, oh no. You can also search for Tweets without certain words, written in different languages, the location of the Tweets and even the tone of the Tweet; positive or negative.

Market research has just taken on a whole new angle.

8.Embed Tweets into your website

A nice simple trick to spice up your website or articles is to embed a Tweet, as so:

It looks so much cleaner than a screen shot, and is much easier to do. Simply click on the Tweet you would like to embed then click on the three lines on the right, scroll down and select Embed Tweet. Copy the code into your website and you are good to go.

  • 9.Don’t start a Tweet with an @, unless it is a reply
  • One I am sure you know, but worth putting in for good measure. By starting a Tweet as a handle, only the person you are mentioning will see the Tweet and it will not end up in those who are following you News Feed.

    In order to avoid this, always put another word in front of the handle, such as:

    “Hi @DBDMedia – I loved your recent blog post on Twitter hacks”

    Or even:

    .@DBDMedia – I loved your recent blog post on Twitter hacks”

  • 10.Separate your followers into lists
  • According to Twitter, “A list is a curated group of Twitter users. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the users on that list.”

    Separating your followers into lists is a far more efficient way of listening to your followers as you are essentially decluttering your timeline. You can separate your target audience into segments, allowing for quick access to their insights.

    And doing so couldn’t be easier:

    Click on your profile then on Lists from the drop down menu.

    On this page select Create new lists and follow the instructions. Once the list is saved, to add someone to the list go onto their profile and select the gear icon next to the follow button and select Add or remove from lists. Select the list you want to add them to and you are away.

  • 11.Find out the best time to Tweet
  • There are tools out there that will tell you the best time to Tweet to improve your chances of engagement; one such tool is Tweriod.

    By syncing your Twitter accounts, it will “analyse both your tweets and your followers' tweets.So you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others”.

    No more “ooooh I reckon my followers will be online just before bedtime” guesswork – more proper insight.