Bloggers' Lounge Presents: Outreach Campaigns, the Key to Success or Failure

Thu 28 April 16

This week marked the second event in our series of quarterly #DigitalDayBreak discussions hosted at the Ivy Club. We were thrilled to have received a packed out room of brands, eager to develop their outreach strategies in the ever changing landscape of digital PR.

Kick starting the discussions was Lotty Chudley, Organic Account Director at DBD Media, discussing what makes a great outreach campaign & what does best practice look like?

Lotty took us through the essentials for creating an effective outreach campaign, guiding us step by step through the rules of best practice. From understanding your brand’s outreach landscape to truly understanding your audience, Lotty reminded us to utilise tools like Google Analytics, and YouGov. An engaging outreach campaign has creativity at its core, so Lotty recommends an investment in ideation and leaving the office for your brainstorm! A useful brainstorm should help you create a concept that will genuinely resonate with your audience.

Lotty Chudley’s Top Tips

1.Understand your landscape & audience

2.Assess potential traction of your ideas & prioritise KPIs

3.Measure outreach success over time - never in isolation

4.Make outreach emails personal, concise, specific & relevant

Next on the bill we had Sam Brady, Founder of a Gentleman’s Row Blog speaking about how the brand & Influencer relationship has changed and what keeps brands coming back for more?

Sam discussed the recent development of bloggers emerging as positions of trust. By taking a look at trust rankings, Sam made the interesting point that after family and friends, consumers trust bloggers- who take 3rd place before brands; who are ranked 9th. Sam explained that trust is a key driver in online conversions, which ultimately should be a priority for brands. Another key point of interest from our audience was Sam’s thoughts on the ongoing relationship between blogging, SEO, PR, Affiliates and Social, and moreover that an integrated approach is crucial.

Sam Brady’s Top Tips

1.Utilise bloggers as key trust models for consumers

2.Understand the greater digital landscape in relation to blogging

3.Pay for coverage

Our next speaker, Rema Gouyez-Benallal, Digital Engagement Manager at Kiehl’s took us through the lessons learnt from outreach campaigns & how to justify the budget internally.

Rema lead her talk with a focus on the importance of creative collaboration, relationship building and providing a platform for influencers to elevate themselves as content creators. Through her execution of a recent campaign based at Coachella, Rema guided the audience through her hands on approach to Digital PR and the powerful results of engaging campaigns within a larger digital strategy.

Rema Gouyez-Benallal’s Top Tips

1.Justify influencers campaign spend by comparing it to traditional methods; you'll tend to find it’s cheaper

2.Build real relationships with bloggers and place value on a human approach

3.Utilise the word ‘testing’ when pitching influencer outreach in the boardroom

4.Take a 360 approach when running an outreach campaign; push creative boundaries

To draw an insightful event to an end, Rebecca Brown, Content Marketing Manager at Bloggers’ Lounge rounded off our learnings with how we measure outreach & prove its worth in the boardroom?

Rebecca provided insider tips on how to successfully ensure the value of outreach campaigns, by taking the audience through a results worthy mock campaign that creates revenue. In order to do so, Rebecca placed an emphasis on the importance of having a clear understanding of the user journey; specifically the stages between discovery - all the way to conversion. Using this strategic method, Rebecca proved that a 360 approach, combining influencer outreach and digital PR, really can lead to conversions and effectively increase a brands revenue.

Rebecca Brown’s Top Tips

1.Before launching a campaign make sure to understand your user journey from discovery all the way to conversion

2.Plan flexible KPIs to run at each stage of your campaign

3.Utilise influencer outreach and digital PR in building a path to conversion, and proving value

A huge thanks to everyone that attended including our panel of insightful experts. We hope to see you at our next event!