Boost your Paid Social Campaigns with These Best Practice Guidelines

05 May 2016

Social media paid advertising is being made more and more accessible, even to businesses without much experience in the pay-per-click field. Its targeting options are enviable, and there are options to limit daily spends so that campaigns can be tested with a relatively low barrier to entry.

With this in mind, looking at how to get the best results from your social advertising spend makes a lot of sense for businesses of all kinds. Here are some of the best pieces of advice for achieving social marketing success:

    1. Don’t just promote your sales material. Boosting posts on Facebook can give your content extra visibility, which helps to build a stronger relationship with your audience and present a positive impression of your brand

    2. Know what your goals are. Do you want clicks? Sales? Impressions? Set your goals when you create your campaigns and you will know what to look for, in terms of measuring their success

    3. Pick the right channel for your campaign. The different social media channels attract different audiences with different intentions, so study your target market and focus your advertising accordingly. A campaign on Instagram will appeal to a different crowd than an identical campaign on Facebook

    4. Take your targeting seriously. Marketers in the past had to deal with blanket advertising campaigns with minimal targeting options but, now, you can make sure only the right people see your ads. Look at your target audiences, those who buy the most from you, and those you want to attract to your brand, and use as many of the demographic options as you can to create your best audience

    5. Share the right content. Data-driven analyses may have a better impact on LinkedIn than they do on Twitter, while memes or humour could make a better impression elsewhere. Think about your audience and your campaign, and match the content and copy to your goals

    6. Exclude as well as include. Take the opportunity to exclude people from your target audience, when you can. The more honed your target audience profile, the more effective your advertising will be, so don’t run a campaign to gain email subscribers without excluding fans who are already on your list, for example. You will waste money as well as annoy people!

    7. Test your campaigns. Is your humorous ad attracting more attention than your serious one? Which is gaining the most lucrative conversions? Are there times of day when you get lots of wasted clicks? Combine the social media site’s analytics with your Google Analytics data and run the most effective campaigns you can.