Improve Your Content Marketing Efficiency

05 May 2016

Content marketing, when done well, enables businesses to improve their search engine visibility, increase the number of website visitors they receive, and build relationships with their customers and followers.

However, managing a content marketing operation is a complex matter, as it frequently involves a number of different departments and individual people, each working to their own targets, deadlines and goals.

To gain a more efficient content marketing workflow, consider how you can apply the points below to your business.

Assign roles

Which members of your team are going to write your content? Will it be written in-house or externally? Who is going to edit your content? Who is responsible for uploading it to your website and who will promote it on social media?

Assign roles so that everybody knows what they should be doing and the work will flow more smoothly.

Have a plan

The more people who are involved in your content marketing, the more organised you need to be. Create an editorial calendar so you know what you will be publishing, and when, and set goals and track your progress so that you can measure your content marketing ROI.

Use suitable tools

There are plenty of tools available that will assist you in creating, curating and publishing content, as well as promoting it after the fact. Research the available options and don’t be afraid to test a range of tools to find the ones that suit your needs most precisely.

Involve more people

Within your organisation, you have specialists in every department. Don’t leave content creation exclusive to the marketing department – ask your specialists to contribute to your content production and keep your blog posts flowing.

Tools such as Trello can be used to ensure that these collaborations work well and that progress can be tracked throughout the process.

Don’t be afraid of templates and checklists

Templated content has a bad reputation for being formulaic and repetitive. However, when used appropriately, checklists and templates can make for a smoother workflow in your content marketing.

Checklists and templates can be used to ensure branding is added to visual or video content, to streamline the process of receiving or publishing content, and to guarantee overall consistency in your content marketing methods.