Event debrief: Search, Content and Conversion – bringing it all together to maximise results!

Fri 13 May 16

Event debrief: Search, Content and Conversion – bringing it all together to maximise results!

On Wednesday 11th May, big brands and industry experts joined forces for the latest instalment of our #DigitalDaybreak breakfast discussion on Search, Content and Conversion – bringing it all together to maximise results!

Kick starting the discussions was Donovan Gabriel, Head of Search at DBD Media

Title: All change! How do the latest changes from Google and others affect your strategy?

Revealing that Google changes its algorithm 500 times a year, Donovan started by encouraging brands in the room not to panic about change but to make sure that they are aware of it.

Donovan mentioned five key changes to be aware of:

1) Google guidelines for gifting bloggers

Key points;

  • Google acts in its own commercial interest, however brands still need to ensure these changes are in the best interest of their business
  • Don’t try and fool Google - ensure your influencers are using nofollow tags and ensure bloggers have declared gifted products
  • Check Webmaster Tools for penalty notification
  • Create strategic valued content

2) Change 2: Accelerated mobile pages

Key points;

  • Speed matters, therefore you can reduce bounce rates significantly
  • Focus on producing engaging content that resonates with users
  • Publishers can distribute content easier and quicker – this leads to more engagement with your brand
  • Check out https://www.ampproject.org/ for developer guidelines.

3) “Right side Armageddon!”

Key points;

  • 4 paid spaces are pushing organic rankings down
  • It’s ever more important to have an integrated organic & paid search strategy
  • Organic should capture users at the consideration phase and focus paid search to users in the decision making stage
  • The industry predicted Increase in CPCs, increase in budget, however, from research conducted by DBD, we learnt the following:

o Less ad inventory - advertisers competing for top 4 positions

o Click through rates (CTRs) have increased

o Cost per clicks (CPCs) have remained relatively stable

o Reported decrease for some accounts

4) Google Hotel Ads

Key points;

  • Ensure your partner is familiar with your internal systems. More info at https://www.google.com/ads/hotels/getstarted/
  • Make full use of all new features – don’t be afraid to be an early adopter
  • Data, data, data – ensure all data is authentic, don’t let aggregators get the upper hand

5) Google Local Finder

  • There’s not a “strategy” to go by however, local finder presents a real opportunity for retailers
  • Make sure you’re being consistent in the way you speak about your brand online

Next up was Lotty, Organic Search Director at DBD

Title: The perfect partnership. Content Marketing, SEO and PPC – How to make sure they really work together

Key points;

  • Be present across multiple touch points - your owned, earned and paid media can really work together to drive awareness, advocacy & conversion
  • Google answers 100 billion searches per year – each search is an opportunity to reach consumers when they need you
  • Content marketing & social media are the perfect platforms for building presence & personality, these have an impact on brand perception & brand awareness
  • Paid search can be used to increase conversions, increase awareness and gain advocacy
  • Track, analyse, test, optimise

Our next speaker was Rebecca Brown, Head of Content at The Bloggers Lounge

Title: Blogger Outreach, Influencer Marketing and SEO – what makes a great campaign, and how to prove value in the board room

Key points;

  • “Influencer marketing isn’t just about links” But, it still has a role to play in SEO
  • Google curates content to respond to user queries and the results pages are more competitive than ever
  • Unless you are a huge brand, a content producer or have the budget for paid listings it is increasingly difficult to rank
  • Stop optimising for Google alone, but instead for blogs, content producers and social. Essentially, optimise for the web as a whole, not just for Google
  • Sometimes you just aren’t relevant enough to rank; if you want to, work with those who can. Just because you can’t get your website on page 1 of Google, that does not mean to say to can’t get your brand on it
  • “If your search strategy doesn’t reflect your user journey, it won’t be profitable. 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying”. Does your digital marketing budget reflect that?
  • Combat a competitive search landscape by diversifying your strategy

Last but not list was Carl Cahill, Creative Director at CDD talking about driving conversion.

Title: UX vs Innovation – the two are like siblings but why do they fight when you're not looking and who is the favourite child?

Key points;

  • User experience design (UXD or UED) is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product
  • Innovation is significant positive change. It’s a result. It’s an outcome. It’s something you work towards achieving on a project
  • The UX persona is process and research driven, methodical and patient. Every detail explored and not concerned about being centre of attention.
  • The Innovation persona loves solving big problems and exploring new ideas. Fairly impulsive and motivated, innovation is ambitious and wants to be recognised by peers
  • When UX and Innovation work together, it creates something of significance for the user

A huge thanks to everyone that attended including our panel of insightful experts. We hope to see you at our next event! For more information about our events, please email our Head of Marketing Ellie Barrett on ellie@dbdmedia.co.uk