What is AdWords Account Automation? A Guide on Where to Start.

16 June 2016

What is AdWords Account Automation? A Guide on Where to Start.

Running a busy AdWords account can be a lot of work and you will find that a lot of the tasks are repetitive. Using Account Automation, you are able to automate a lot of the repetitive actions you carry out on your AdWords account on a day-to-day basis, while also optimising your ads to perform effectively.

AdWords Account Automation is carried out through the use of scripts. JavaScript code is employed to allow the user to change bids, create spreadsheets and reports, add keywords and pause ad groups without the need for manual action. Items can be created, edited or removed with scripts. Some examples of scripts in action could include using external data to make changes. For example, if you run an e-commerce store and stock is running low on a particular item, you could pause the ads that are promoting that product. Or, if conversions are high for one particular ad, you could increase its spend.

Advantages and disadvantages of AdWords scripts

AdWords scripts are especially useful for people and teams that manage large ad campaigns or multiple accounts that would otherwise require a lot of admin time to keep track and make changes.

The scripts you choose could also help you to effectively optimise your AdWords ads. By using scripts that boost ads based on sales figures, for instance, you could automatically improve your results and optimise for the highest conversion rates.

Although people who have scripting skills have an advantage when working with AdWords scripts, there are plenty of free scripts available for people who are not coders and want to explore the possibilities of this kind of automation.

In terms of disadvantages, it is worth pointing out that, despite being able to automate these tasks, accounts and ad groups still need to be carefully managed. It is not a completely hands-off solution. Setting up ads and scripts and forgetting about them could lead to calamitous overspends or very poor results, so care still needs to be taken, even when automation is used.

How to get started

Firstly, you must write a script or get a pre-made script from elsewhere. Then, to add it to your account, sign in to AdWords and go to the Campaigns tab. Click Bulk Operations > Scripts. Click + Script. From there, you just name your script, enter the JavaScript code, and click save or preview. When everything is working correctly, click Authorise now, followed by Grant access.