9 Steps to Getting the Best from Local SEO

28 June 2016

9 Steps to Getting the Best from Local SEO

When thinking about digital marketing, many firms are aware of the importance of search engine optimisation. However, local SEO is frequently overlooked, when it actually carries significant importance in the ‘findability’ of a business online.

So, how can you boost your local SEO efforts in a few easy steps? Check out our suggestions below and implement them all for maximum results.

1.Make sure you have local business pages with each of the major search engines. This involves placing key information about your business in a profile, including your address, phone number, opening hours, and contact details.

2.Encourage your customers to leave reviews of your business, especially on your Google ‘My Business’ local listing. A high number of positive reviews will help with your search engine positioning, and it builds trust and persuades new customers to give you a try, too.

3.Make sure you choose the correct categories for your local business pages so that, when somebody in your region searches for Italian restaurants or printing companies, you show up in the local search.

4.Take time when filling out the description of your business in order to best optimise your listing. Make it unique (i.e. don’t copy and paste it straight from the ‘about’ page on your website) and don’t be afraid to use length to convey everything you want to get across.

5.Make sure your website is mobile friendly. This is not only highlighted in search results, but it also reflects the fact that a lot of local searches are carried out on-the-go on mobile devices.

6.Include great photos that showcase your business in an impressive way. Google Street View now allows businesses to share 360 degree images of the inside of a store, cafe or premises, so take advantage of this to get extra attention. Upload many different images, covering different aspects of your physical premises and your products, too.

7.Be consistent. Your name, address and phone number must appear in the exact same format in every listing and on your website. An extra comma or a typo can mess up your local citations across the web, which can damage your SEO efforts.

8.Use title and heading tags to highlight your city and region on your website and embed a Google map on your website.

9.Work on localised link building. In the same way as regular link building, this helps to boost your website’s position in the search engine results, and it also helps to anchor you as a local business with good-quality contacts and relationships.