How to Generate Sales on Facebook

03 August 2016

How to Generate Sales on Facebook

E-commerce brands often look to social media to drive traffic to their website and encourage sales. However, certain platforms allow businesses to sell directly from them, and Facebook is one of these. Some smaller businesses sell only via Facebook, but building an entire business on somebody else’s property in this way is generally inadvisable. However, offering some of your best-selling and most popular products for sale on the site is something brands should look into. When you consider the vast numbers of active users who engage with the site, it is well worth the effort.

How to sell your products on Facebook

You can only list items for sale via a professional Facebook Page, not a personal profile. Create your Page, if you don’t already have one, and start to encourage people to hit ‘like’. Facebook advertising can be a great way to do this, as is sharing incredible content that users want to see more of.

To set up your selling platform, you need to install an app that is compatible with Facebook sales. Shopify is one of the most popular apps that can do this, others include BigCommerce, Wix, Ecwid, Vendorshop and ShopTab.

The different apps have unique features and functionality, but all work in essentially the same way: they import product listings from your website and post them to your Facebook Page for sale. You don’t need to list all your products on Facebook separately, it’s carried out automatically based on the actions you take on your e-commerce site.

Will people buy on social media?

It’s true to say that people generally go to Facebook to interact with their friends and family, rather than to make a purchase. However, there are ways to guide consumers to your Page and your products on sale.

The most important thing is to offer value to the people who ‘like’ your Page. Make it worth their while by sharing content that they will enjoy or that will benefit them. Also, consider offering special discounts or competitions for your Page fans.

Use relevant hashtags so that users searching for items or brands like yours can find you easily. Look at Facebook advertising, too, to promote your Page and your content.

The shop tab on a Facebook Page is also often overlooked, so don’t be afraid to do the odd call to action to direct people there. Your fans might not have even noticed it, so give them the opportunity to check it out and make a purchase if they see something they like.

Don’t forget to also promote your Facebook Page elsewhere: link to it on your website and blog, perhaps using an exit-intent pop-up, and cross-promote with other social media networks.